Willie the Watchdog
Mighty Mauler - Party Pooch

Weekly Adventures of Warrior Willie
Marstown's Party Pup on Patrol

by Al Maxey

This Week's Adventure:
"Whining and Dining"

It was a typical Sunday morning in Marstown. The people of this sleepy little mountain village were just rousing themselves from a peaceful night's rest. As the birds sang their welcome to a new day, the faithful began dressing for the morning assembly down at the Marstown church. There was no need to name the church; it was the only one in town. A few others had tried to come into the community over the years, but the town fathers had seen to it that they were run off in short order. You see, there was no room in Marstown for "outsiders." So, there was only one church. It was better that way; less stressful.

Marylou had just finished knotting the last ribbon in her pigtails when the commotion erupted. It was an awful sound, and seven-year-old Marylou Paxton would have trouble sleeping for weeks afterward. The growling and snarling was loud and disturbing, but it was the screams, then the silence, then the sound of crunching bones, that brought her running into the living room. "Daddy, something bad just happened. Right outside my window."

The Paxton's were new in town, but Jeff, who was the recently appointed editor of the Marstown Daily Review, had an idea what the noise may have been. He too had heard it, but had been warned by the town fathers not to interfere when such events occurred. The last editor had written an article unfavorable to such events, and vanished in the middle of the night. The people of Marstown were informed he had taken employment elsewhere .... suddenly. They knew better than to question the town fathers. Some had tried it before, and ... well, let's just say, they knew better.

Jeff calmed his daughter and then went and looked out the front window. Sure enough, it was Willie! In a bloody heap before him, splayed on the front lawn, was Alan Perkins. Willie looked slowly up at Jeff and wagged his tail. There was a glint in his eyes as the blood dripped from his massive jowls. Alan was dead.

It was his own fault, of course. Alan had been called to the office of the town fathers just last week and given a stern warning. His attitude had been a cause of concern to these men, and, as the guardians of the laws of Marstown, they took immediate action when anyone showed "outsider" leanings. Alan had asked a question in church that Pastor Arnold was unable to answer the week before. A hush had fallen over the crowd. The pastor had fumbled out an answer, but everyone knew it was not adequate. No one said a word, of course. They knew better. But, the harm was done. Alan was a marked man.

The people of Marstown kept their children inside the rest of that week. They knew that if Alan's meeting with the town fathers did not go well, and they suspected it would not, that "the solution" was inevitable. Marstown was peaceful because the fathers had the wisdom to know when to employ "the solution." Most felt that time was fast approaching. There was no need for the children to witness it. Marylou had heard it that morning, but thankfully Jeff had prevented her from seeing it.

The "solution" was, of course, Willie! Leaving bloody paw prints behind him, Willie sauntered away from the body of Alan Perkins. He had done his job. Another problem had been removed. The town was safe. The children could come out again. Willie had worked his magic once more. He made his way back to the Marstown City Hall, where he knew a special reward awaited him. The fathers were always appreciative when Willie handled their problems for them. He wondered what it would be this time. Last time it was a 20 ounce steak. Willie kind of had his eye on that new poodle the Brady's got last week, though. He hoped maybe the owners would have her waiting. Nope, he sighed, as he got to the Hall .... another steak. Well, Fifi would have to wait. "But, I won't wait long," Willie whined to himself as he plopped his massive bulk down on the lawn and dined on the bloody prize before him.

To Be Continued ...