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  About the ACTS Program

  The ACTS Scholarship Program is a non-profit 501(c)3 scholarship fund raising organization that provides opportunities for university students to experience "hands on" internships in their chosen fields. The program assists not only the collegiate performers by offering them openings for established acts when appropriate but assists the students who desire positions behind the scenes as well. Credit hours may be gained by working with the students' professors in their related fields. Internships may enhance majors such as business, accounting, marketing, hospitality services, and technical production. In some cases, housing and a stipend may be provided so that students are able to save money to apply toward their tuition.

ACTS carefully screens students to fit specific intern opportunities that will not only assist them in their educational process, but that will also enhance the employers' goals and objectives.

The ACTS Objective

The American Collegiate Talent Showcase (ACTS), formerly the All-American Collegiate Talent Search, is a national program that discovers and encourages fresh, new entertainers on college campuses and provides them with a chance for national exposure. ACTS also helps students achieve the knowledge and experience necessary to work "behind the scenes" as marketing consultants, promoters, venue managers, tour accountants, booking agents, etc. Every college and university in this country has collegiate performers who dream of developing and sharing their talent on a national level. ACTS wants to be a bridge between dreams and reality for these young rising starts. The first National competition was held at Southwest Missouri State University in 1978 as the Bob Hope search for the Tops in Collegiate Talent.

"The engineers and statesmen, doctors and lawyers of tomorrow are now being groomed for our society in colleges and universities, so are future entertainers who could excite our souls, stimulate our minds and soothe our emotions," says Bob Hope in speaking of the ACTS objective.

During the past three decades, the entertainment industry and allied media have expanded at an incredible rate. Growth in all categories of entertainment is in the billions of dollars annually in the United States and foreign countries. There is a viable, critical demand for thoroughly skilled performing artists and those positions that are back stage. It's not uncommon to encounter people in this industry, however, who have "burned out" trying to overcome the difficulty of achieving national exposure. ACTS is a student development program which not only provides a training ground for young artists, but also provides them with the opportunity to display their talent before people in the industry who can help them. Concern for the lives and hopes of students is what ACTS is about, and it strives to insure widespread participation regardless of race, creed, color, or geographic location.

Without the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) there may never have been a Troy Aikman or Kobe Bryant. In much the same way as the NCAA develops the collegiate athlete, ACTS hopes to develop the collegiate performer. ACTS can help those who might not otherwise be given the opportunity to "be in the right place at the right time." In addition, ACTS hopes to enlighten public awareness that the soft service of the performing arts is an integral part of higher education which improves the quality of life. Many established performing artists, producers, managers, agents, administrators, educators and educational institutions have joined together to support the ACTS program. Supporter have included Bob Hope, Bill Cosby, George Strait, Jeff Dunham, and many others.

If your venue or tour has intern opportunities, please contact Mother Hubbard.

  News and Updates

  Welcome to the new and improved ACTS website. Please feel free to browse around, and let us know if anything isn't working correctly. Thanks!

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Mother Hubbard will be presenting a panel at Pollstar's Concert Industry Consortium (CIC)! The conference will be held on February 16-17, 2010 in Los Angeles. Click here for more information.

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