Mary Saxton Griffin
Fine Art Photographer
King Ranch, Kingsville, TX
May 2006

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Cattle drive on the King Ranch

Old abandoned bridge over the Santa Gertrudis Creek. The Santa Gertrudis cattle were later named after this creek on the original section of land purchased by Capt. King.

The ranch house from a distance.
The land holdings of the King family in Texas are larger than the state of Rhode Island.

Frisky fellas at play.

The area has not seen a drop of rain in 8 months. And despite the clouds - we barely got sprinkled on. It was extremely disappointing as everyone is praying for rain in S. Texas.

Bob White Quail

The Santa Gertrudis are known for their cherry red color and their tolerance to extreme heat.

The ranch raises quarter horses as well as their famed cattle.

"Come 'N Git It"!

They also raise 50 head of heritage long horns.

The Running W brand for the King Ranch is seen throughout the ranch.

Some believe the brand is shaped like a snake. Others believe King used this brand as it was hard to modify or change by rustlers.

The King Ranch Commissary & Grocery Store.

Capt. King had sharp shooters stationed on top of the building to keep cattle thieves away.

Texas Olives

The canons are from Capt. King's steamboats.

Mrs. King's Carriage House

The 32,000 sq. ft King Ranch home. Family members must "book" the home like a resort and pay to use it. There are well over 100 descendants of Capt. King and his wife. Eight generations to date.

The first ranch property was purchased in 1853.

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