QRP To The Field 2004 -- Battle Stations

Date:        Saturday, April 24, 2004

Time:        1500 to 2400 UTC (pick any 6 hours)

Bands:       40-20-15-10 meters, in the vicinity of the QRP calling
                         frequencies, please be courteous to others

Mode:        CW only

Power out (QRP only):    5 watts or less

As usual, this event is geared toward having fun while operating
in the field, away from commercial power.

The theme for this year is Battle Fields!

Face it, people will never be in total agreement about anything.
From Paul Revere's cry announcing the British invasion, to the
Indian Wars of the plains, the Hatfields and McCoys, the
claim-jumpers in California, and even the Lincoln County War in
New Mexico. Our history is steeped in disagreements and the next
thing you know, the skirmish is on. But one thing QRPers all agree
on is that we like to have fun. Give a call to your local Historical
Society or look it up on the Web. You'll be surprised! Please bear
in mind that some locations may now be under the control of various
agencies like the Bureau of Land Management or the National Parks
Service. So if you need special permission, by all means get it.
Otherwise, get as close as you can to a skirmish site. Remember,
this is F-U-N!

Select any 6-hour operating period that works for you. If you need to split
it up into two or three hour intervals or more to accommodate other plans,
then feel free to do so. Jump in there when you can, but only work a total
of 6 hours. Work all stations once per band.

Categories:    Single Op Battle Field station
               Multi Op Battle Field station
               Single Op Field Station
               Multi Op Field Station
               Home Station

Exchange:      RST + SPC
               Example: 559 NM

Scoring:       QSO pts - 1 pt for each QSO per band
               SPCs pts - count once per band

Bonus points:  Use SPCs received to fill in the blanks with the state
               abbreviation whose first letter matches the individual
               letters in the words "Civil War" without duplicating states.
               Each letter filled in is worth 100 points (up to 800 pts. max)
               Example: C=CA, I=IL, V=VT, I=IA, L=LA, etc.
                              Note: West Virginia = W or V, Arkansas = A or R

Location Multiplier:    Battle Field station = x5
                        Field station      = x3
                        Home Station       = x1

Final Score:    Total pts x Total SPCs x Location + Bonus Points = Final score

                A summary sheet is also available at the web site:

Deadline:   Send complete logs and summary sheets by June 1, 2004.
            Summary sheets must include a description of location and equipment
            used. Please also include photographs and a brief write-up, it will
            be much appreciated! Your log should include a minimum of time
            (in UTC), callsign of station worked, complete exchange received,
            RST sent (if not a static exchange). Incomplete submissions will be
            used as check logs. Take your time and use a calculator if needed.

Email submission:   send complete logs and summary sheets in ASCII text format
                    only to:    n0qt@arrl.net

             Please send text format only (.txt), all other forms will be
             rejected so no html, word processor documents or attachments
             please. Archive files in the ZIP format are okay as they do
             not get deleted. Hopefully every one knows what a zip file is.

Snail mail: send complete logs and summary sheets to:

                                 Jan Harden N0QT
                                 QRPTTF 2004
                                 P.O. Box 1768
                                 Socorro NM 87801