Is land in New Mexico a good Investment?

Hello, I am Dan Delaney, your Real Estate consultant, and I want to tell you why New Mexico land is a good investment.

Consider this: Doņa Ana County is located at the confluence of two major interstate highways, I-10 and I-25, in the heart of the Sun Belt, making it perfect for future growth. It also borders the Republic of Mexico with a new and growing commercial Port of Entry in the southern part of the county at Santa Teresa. Believe me, NAFTA is working in this part of the country. Additionally, the population of Doņa Ana county has doubled from 1972 to 1992 and currently stands at approximately 170,000. It is estimated that the county population will reach 400,000 by the year 2025! Combine that fact with the fact that only 13-17 percent of the total land in the county is privately owned!! The rest is controlled by government entities, such as the Bureau of Land Management.

The age-old rule of supply and demand would definitely indicate that land values should continue to rise steadily, thereby affording great investment opportunities to the wise investor. I invite you to call me for detailed information. I will be happy to discuss land values, availability and opportunities with you.
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