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The OMB is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the family sport of archery.   The club is based out of Las Cruces, New Mexico, has been in existence for more than 20 years and is affiliated with the National Field Archers Association (NFAA) and New Mexico Bowhunters Association (NMBA).  Monthly club meetings are held at the Game & Fish Dept. on Telshor Drive in Las Cruces on the first Tuesday of the month.  New faces and ideas are welcomed!  If you would like more information about the club, please e-mail us.

The club sponsors a couple of indoor shoots during the year, and participates in NFAA shoots when possible.  Every June, in cooperation with Bullseye 4-H Club, we co-sponsor the annual Thunderbird 3-D Open, a 2-day shoot which takes place at Camp of the Tall Pines, in Weed, NM (near Cloudcroft).  This year, over 300 shooters and their families participated in this much anticipated annual event.

Please take a moment to take a look at our calendar of upcoming regional events.  And if you're looking for local archery shops or links to other archery-related sites, you can find many of them right here! 

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2015 Oct 31st NFAA/NMBA American 900 Flyer

NOTE:  NMBA results can be found at!

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