2021 Official Rules
The Famous Zombie Badge
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CQ BOO is the time tested CQ for the Zombie Shuffle.

REBIRTH RULE: You may work the same station on a band every two hours 
so you don't get bored during this miserable solar minimum thing.  Your logging program may not like it, but we don't mind.
CODE SPEED: This is not a 35wpm event.  It's a fun event irregardless of your code speed or how rusty you may be.  We want to work you as bad as you want to work us paddles or straight key.
SCORING: Basically, your score is going to be the sum of all Zombie numbers and Area Codes worked per band (add them all up for a big number), plus the number of Bonus Stations sending 2021 per band, times the number of QSOs and Bonus Stations worked per band.  Add up the bands.  This can be a fairly large score, larger than your SS score!
2021 Summary sheet here - calculates the score for you.
Download the Summary Sheet below and submit to:  na5n@zianet.com
with Zombie in the  subject by November 15, 2021 (2 weeks after the event).
If you prefer mail, send to:
Paul Harden, 72 Polvadera Heights Road, Lemitar, NM 87823
Summary Sheet in MS Xcel or Open Office here 

LOGS:  You do not need to submit your log just the summary sheet.  We trust you (though you may be asked for your log in event of dispute). QRP Zombies may be at the bottom of the gene pool - but at least we're honest!
PHOTOS: Feel free to send a selfie or a photo or two along with your summary sheet of you or your station, providing it conforms to the stringent high standards of the Zombie Shuffle.

WHERE: Primarily intended for North & South American Zombies
TIME:  From 1600 local time to local midnight.  Participate an hour or two, or whatever you can spare, or all 8-hours if you have the stomach for it.
BANDS:  15, 20, 40, and 80 meters -- Somewhere around the QRP watering
holes: 21.060, 14.060, 7.030, 7.040, 7.106, 3.560, or anything else that works.
Use of sked pages, QRP spotting or QRP-L announcements are allowed.

MODE:  CW only, QRP (5W or less)

EXCHANGE:  RST, SPC, Zombie Number , Name
   RST Signal report (like 599, though honest reports are appreciated)
   SPC State/Province/Country (ex. CA, TX, BC, Transylvania, etc.)
   ZOMBIE NUMBER - Your assigned Zombie number
                                        or  your telephone 3-digit Area Code
                                        (Bonus stations will send "2021" as their Zombie number)
   NAME - Your OP name or any goofy name of your choosing

ZOMBIE EVENT PHILOSOPHY: There is no point to the Zombie Shuffle whatsoever except to get on the air and have fun with fellow Zombies and QRPers.  Even with only 2-3 QSOs, you can earn a fairly large score to brag to your co-workers and QRO buddies.  If you haven't been on the air for awhile, or you are a new CW ham, your fist is rusty, or your code speed is slow, this is the contest to put a few contacts in the log.  Note that the scoring is based largely on SERENDIPITY rather than operating skill.  Band conditions and propagation are not the best at night, so most operators are not cracking out 35wpm.  Around 13-18 wpm is typical. Don't be afraid to ask a station to QRS (slow down) or to repeat their exchange if you miss it. He wants to work you as much as you want to work him.  And remember, he's a Zombie too!  We want you to stay on the air and have fun in spite of crummy bands so you can work the same station on a band after a two hour wait (every 2 hours if you wish).  So get out your straight key, keyer, bug, or spark gap and do your CW thing.
Every year, we get a couple of summary sheets with 2-3 QSOs that says "These were my first CW QSOs ever," or "my first CW contacts in 20 years."  That's what it's all about.  Get on the air.

72, Paul NA5N and Jan NQT
Because Zombies don't sprint.
THE ZOMBIE SHUFFLE is an annual evening event for QRPers to get on the air, have some fun, and rack up a really big score in spite of what your CW or operating skills may be. It is held the Friday nearest Halloween each year and to avoid the ARRL CW Sweepstakes contest.
Nov. 6-7, 2020  ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW
Earlier start time to take advantage of 15M and 20M before nightfall.
The Zombie Shuffle is administered strictly through the QRP-L mailing list.
The First Zombie Shuffle was held on Oct. 30, 1998
Bonus Stations this year will be sending "2021" as their Zombie Number to help you remember yet another boring and uneventful year.  Each bonus station adds 2,021 points to your score (sum of Zombie Numbers) plus a multiplier for each Bonus Station worked.
Super rare (and treasured)
QRP Zombie Lapel Pin
  Click photo to enlarge

The first Zombie Shuffle was in October 1998. The following year, 1999, Doug Hendricks KI6DS and Jim Cates WA6GER (SK) had Zombie Shuffle lapel pins made and given to all participants submitting a log for an SASE. The pins were  funded by KI6DS, WA6GER, and  NORCAL.

About 100 pins were given out. They were seen on the ball caps of many QRPers for years ... and a few still to this day (like my NA5N hamfest ball cap).
For those that have one, they are the original QRP Zombies.
K7TQ, Randy, original Zombie #110 using an original Zombie station that started it all with vintage 1995 Wilderness Radio 40A (left), 1996 Wilderness Radio Sierra (center), Four States QRP EZ Keyer, and original Wayne Smith K8FF paddles with 1999 original issue Zombie badge.
Yes, Elvira . . .
You still have some fans!!!
Do you still have yours?
ZOMBIE NUMBERS  are good for life. 
If you need a number, send email
Grand Witchess Jan, NQT
Select stations will be bonus stations.  They will be sending "2021" for their Zombie Number in the exchange, and thus worth 2,021 points and a multiplier for each bonus station worked.
If you would like to be a bonus station, email NA5N
Confused?  The Summary Sheet calculates the score for you.

If you don't have a Zombie number, email Grand Witchess Jan n0qt@zianet.com to request one (or if you've forgotten yours). If you've been issued a Zombie Number in the past, it is good for life, or death, whichever comes first. 

599 KS 1027 Elvira  (A Zombie named Elvira in KS, Zombie number is 1027)
549 MI  2021 Igor  (A bonus station in MI using the name Igor)
The 24TH Annual
A unique on-the-air activity exclusively for QRP-L Zombies
Friday Night, October 29, 2021
1600 Midnight Your Local Time
Updated 9 Oct 2021 d
The whole world seems to be getting full of Zombies lately. But, we're the originals!!! QRP Zombies since 1998. It doesn't get any scarier than that.
2021 Summary Sheet
2021 Results
Website has been disinfected and Covid compliant
A few notable
Photo Gallery
You do NOT need to wear a mask or be vaccinated to participate. Maintain social distancing on QSOs to at least a few thousand wavelengths
SCARY ZOMBIE NAME: Last year, everyone got a kick out of the scary names bonus stations were sending (Covid, Drac, Lurch, etc.).  This year, EVERYONE can send a goofy name instead of their normal OP name.  Pick a unique, scary, spooky, or goofy name of your choosing to send in the exchange (please, no political names - they're scary enough) for an extra measure of Zombie fun.
.ods Open Office format
.xls MS Excel format