"End of the World" Zombie Shuffle
Dec. 21, 2012
We survived
Dec. 21, 2012
End of the
Based on Summary Sheets received as of 04 JAN 2013
WA5TCZ   Darron
N8XX         Hank
WB6TNL   Steve
NK9G        Rick
N9AW       Jerry
W2LJ         Larry
KU7Y         Ron
W1RFI       Ed
KD5KXF   Mike
WK8S       Pete
W2KJ        Joe
V31JP      Joe
W1FB       Club Station
NA5N        Paul
A few photos ...  (received so far)
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W4JBB - Joel's neat station and
Zombie badge
Here's the now infamous "Nastradamus" - WA8REI
Nice station and antenna - no wonder he worked 60 Zombies for over a million points!
Chris VE3CBK taunting the Maya Calendar from the north
Chris used his MFJ QRP rig & straight key.
I like the Maya Calendar atop the rig.
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zombie002009.jpg zombie002008.jpg zombie002007.jpg zombie002006.jpg zombie002005.jpg
The whole point of the Zombie Shuffle is to get on the air and have some fun, regardless of your operating skills, and most important, pound some brass and keep CW alive.
We had many stations that got on the air CW for the first time, or the first time in years and got a few contacts in the log.  Some of our friends from SKCC (some of our top scorers) and others tried the Zombie Shuffle, too  ... and QRP ... for the first time.
Some came close to working every QRPer on planet Earth during the event, working from 40 to 72 stations!  The skill and "ears" of these operators has to be respected.  A few broke all time scores for the Shuffle.
Thanks to all for participating and hope you all had fun pounding some brass.
72, Paul NA5N
The 2012 Summary sheet
is here.
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zombie002004.jpg zombie002003.jpg zombie002002.jpg
Zombie newcomer #987 Bob, K8IA took top score with his nice, neat station in Mesa, AZ.
Bob is president of the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club.
Photo shows we made a Zombie even out of Bob K8IA. Nice job, Bob.