Updated 19 NOV 2016
Remember Elvira,
the "Mistress of the Dark"?
Yeah, we miss her too!
Zombie Shuffle
because Zombies don't Sprint!
2015 Results
Happy Halloween
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(Based on summary sheets received as of Nov. 19, 2015)
zombie002006.jpg zombie002005.jpg zombie002004.jpg zombie002003.jpg
Sandra KG7FFP handed out 23 Elviras and an impressive score of 205,482. Great job!
KX7L, Zombie #71, displaying his original
Zombie pin
N7KN Charlie had more fun than a barrel of monkeys
after a couple hours on 40M. Currently undergoing
court ordered therapy.
WB5BKL Nick - somehow made 36,333 pts. with head copy CW without a head. Great feat!
A few photos (received so far)
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Try to adhere to the high photographic standards as seen here.