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>Updated 12 JUN 2016
"Park It Here"
A joint QRPTTF/SOTA QRP Contest
Administered solely by the QRP-L Internet Group
Saturday, April 23, 2016
Nick WA5BDU operating
from a National Park in AR
2016 Results Page
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Mark WG8Y operating from
Any Ole Park in NC
Click here for a really neat QRPTTF/SOTA story from Fred, KT5X, in New Mexico
NFR Dave (MO): Really nice weather near St. Louis, MO today. I went to a nearby park after lunch to operate for an hour. All contacts were on 20M at five watts with an FT-817 and a St. Louis Micro Loop sitting on a picnic bench. Some contacts were TTF, some SOTA and one CQ-er enjoying his afternoon from home. Thanks for the contacts OM's.
AJ4UQ (Charleston, SC): Only had time to get to the park for two hours, and spent half of it trying to get a 60' wire into a 40' tree and back. Conditions were good and I worked MN, NY, and OK on 20m. Heard TN too, but he disappeared before I could work him.  Thanks for another fun QRP event and excuse to get on the air.
VE3DQN Don (Ontario): Enjoyed QRPTTF in the limited time I had.  Expected more activity but was glad for what there was.  Thanks to the ops for their great patience with my little sig.  ATS-3A to 20ft vertical.
W8LRC Hank (MI):  Conditions were really "interesting" to say the least.   Both 40 and 20 was "in and out" with a combination of fast a slow QSB.  The slow QSB resulted in hardly any Q's for 10 to 15 minutes, and then a rash of Q's, some of them starting S9 and quickly fading to almost imperceptible.  Others practically blew me off the park bench!

We had three rigs, on on VHF FM simplex, one on SSB, the other on CW mostly on 40 and 20 meter HF, shifting regularly..  We were set up within 20 or so feet of the North Country Scenic Trail, NPOTA TR04, in Seidman (Kent County, Michigan) Park, a couple miles north of Ada.  I don't have the SSB log, but I ran the CW and had 28 Q's in 2 1/2 hours, not exactly a barn burning rate.  In an earlier activation we had 190 Q's in 2 hours!  All in all, it was a nice day weather-wise, but Old Sol and the Coronal Mass Ejections coming from a giant hole pointing toward earth didn't do much for propagation.
W1PID Jim (NH):  Came down with the flu.  (Darn it).  Had to stay home.
KF7WNS Gary (OR): I set up my K1 and a Ham Stick rotatable dipole on a 25ft pole at Cape Sebastian SP.  Headlands about 300ft above the Pacific.  14 Q's with 11 states on 20m.  It was a tough one with wall to wall JA contest.  I couldn't find an empty spot to work in.  I'm sure I missed some replies that got covered up by the mass of stations.  Even still,  good conditions here with East Coast and South stations peaking at S9.  Many SOTA stations heard, worked two - VE2 and W3.  All in all, another fun outing.
AC8AP Alan for KS8M (OH): It was pretty cool, almost kcold, in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio today.  We had two stations on the air this year.  Our friend Murphy stopped by to see us as I was putting up the 20/40 meter trap dipole and took one of the traps.  He borrowed that end way up in the top of the tree.  Oh well, 20 meters still worked find and we had another antenna for 40 meters.  We logged what we could, enjoyed the park setting and having fun on the air in the field.  What a great way to spend the day.


K4INC Randy (NC): Another Fun day outdoors. I thought it fitting to use my club call this year. K4INC, the Great Outdoors Radio Club,  Bands were up and down with some periods of deep QSB.  I tried for some contacts on 15 meters and 10 meters but no one could hear me. Moved to 20 and played till QSB took it out for me then got on 40 meters and had a grand ole time chasing Parks and TTF callers. Made a few runs but mostly S&P. Hard to control a frequency at 5 watts...heh heh. When band was up it was awesome. 65 Q's 35 SPC's operating from NPOTA MP04. Guildford Courthouse National Military Park.  Thanks to all the folks behind the scenes and in front who make this possible every year. HIP HIP...
N1EU Barry (NY, W2/GC-026):  I ended up making a fairly long day of it (6.5 hours) on the summit of Utsayantha Mountain in the NY Catskills.  Temperature eventually rose from about 35F to 45F as the deep fog and clouds slowly cleared.  However I got off to a slow start because my last minute antenna, a 40/20M dipole fashioned from ladder-line went dead after raising it and pruning it.  I reverted to my original plan and used a 40/20M trapped dipole. I hung it about 35ft high between fire-tower and tree and it seemed to work fine.

40M seemed a bit all over the map.  Propagation was good into the SE and midwest but terrible into nearby New England and Canada.  The band seemed full of signals but TTF stations weren't easy to find.  I made 24 contacts.

As expected, 20M was king yesterday.  Conditions noticeably improved as the day wore on and the noise level slowly dropped.  I think much of my noise level may have been man-made from the big communications installations on my summit.  I made about 100 contacts on 20M, throughout USA and a few in EU.  Conditions were better than expected and even short skip was working a bit - it's ironical that I was able to work New England and Canada on 20M and not 40M 

Overall the level of activity was better than I expected from the
relatively low pre-weekend chatter on the qrp-l and SOTA reflectors.
Thanks for all the calls and apologies to several callers I couldn't pull
out because of my noise level on 20M.
AL7JK John (AK):  Operated from my pickup truck, weather was a bit dicey at the higher elevations. Strung 300 ft. of wire across the brush and some ground radials.  FT-817 & ldg autotuner. Spent 7 hours at the radio, with the band condx, only heard one stations, managed to work WD7Y after some stalking.
K7RE Brian (SD):  Conditions only marginal.  Used my Alex Loop and KX3.  Mostly overcast, so solar power augumentation was only minimal.  Importantly though, we had a ball!  220 mile round trip, but enjoyed every QSO.
KD0MQO Frank (MO):  Thanks for organizing the QRPTTF event.  I may not have made a lot of contacts... but I had a lot of fun.  N0EVH and I had a blast. I ran the entire day on a solar panel.

AA5TB Steve (TX):  I meant to start off on 40 m but by puppy chewed my antenna wire down to a 20 m only EFHW.  I had fun on 20 m but by the time the band opened up well into the northeast their quitting time had approached.  I'd like it if the event times would be 0800 EDT to 1800 PDT.
K7DD Michael (AZ):  Brought Norm, N9AV along for moreal support.  White Tanks Park was perfect, cool, and a bit of a breeze.  The QSB was deep and at times no signals then BOOM, lots of signals.  Both of us had fun.
WA5BDU Nick (AR): My QRPTTF adventure this year took me about 70 miles to the north of home, up into the Ozarks.  The Buffalo River in north Arkansas was one of the few free flowing rivers left back when it became America's 1st national river in 1972. The far side of the river is up against a steep rock cliff face going up maybe 100 feet.  I considered perching myself up there on the high side, but it didn't look that welcoming when I drove up.
My totals were 1/1/1 for 40 and on 20 had 23 QSOs, 14 SPC and
14 SOTA/NPOTA/AOP/SP/Home units.  Final score is 1,938.
I was checking my records back to my first QRPTTF, which was Water World back on 4/29/2000.  I'd set up a table in a little creek that runs through my back yard and used my new Red Hot 20 version of the NORCAL 20. I'm amazed that I made 42 Qs.
WA4AAK Evan (AL):  Thanks for sponsoring the event!  I think this was my first ever participation in QRPTTF.
AF4O Chuck (TN):  Thanks for all you do organizing QRPTTF and Zombie. Always fun. Chickasaw State Park in southwest Tennessee at my usual super secret spot with FT817 and wire high in a pine tree. Bands were weak and unpredictable but still managed to pull out 20 qso's. Any day in the outdoors radioing is a good one, good or bad band conditions. SOTA stations were the exception being strong.
NE5DL David (TX):  Had fun for 6 hours, wx in the 80s, and sunny.  Lakeside SP still flooded.  KX3+pico paddle & PX3, LiFePo battery.  Antenna MFJ Big Stick mounted on a 5ft mast with elevated radials.
WB5BKL Nick (TX ):  Many thanks for organizing these events.  I always have a grand time - and Elizabeth says I always arrive home with a grin on my face...
WUFO Mert (MN):  Thanks for an excuse to go to the field.  It was a fun time.  Thanks, Paul.
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A correction from 2015
Last year's theme was "Geronimo" and two QRPers operated from near
Geronimo's grave in
Geronimo, OK - you can't get closer to the theme than that!
Unfortunately, I misidentified
them on the photo page.
The QRPTTF ops were:
N5PJ, Perry

My apologies for the error.
WDGTY, Jeff and N5PJ, Perry
operating 2015 QRPTTF from
Geronimo, OK.
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