2016 QRP To The Field 
Date and Time
Saturday, April 23, 2016
0800-1800 Your Local Time
Eastern:   0800-1800 EDT       
Central:    0800-1800 CDT         
Mountain: 0800-1800 MDT
Pacific:     0800-1800 PDT
Bands and modes
QRP (5W or less CW, 10W or less SSB)
   on the non-WARC HF bands
Standard QRP calling frequencies
"Park It Here" -- operate from a National
Park, State Park, or any ole park
Quick Links
 Other contests on April 23, 2016:
     10-10 International Spring Contest, digital
     SP DX RTTY Contest  and  Helvetia Contest
     (FL QSO Party is April 30 this year)

             Get an RST and SPC from another contest or QSO
                                  and it counts for QRPTTF
>Updated 11 JUN 2016
If you've never worked a contest before, or find the 35 word per minute exchanges of other contests intimidating, try QRPTTF.  It's pretty low-key and built for fun.  If you hear a station calling QRP TTF, give a call.  Don't be afraid to say PSE QRS (please slow down) if he's too fast for you. If you miss an element of the exchange, ask for a repeat (SPC? or PARK?").  We all fail to get the exchange at times.  Often, by listening to a QRPTTF station working another, you can copy the exchange before you call. These are all tricks to help you with your code speed and get on the air.
Remember, we want to work you as much as you want to work us!
Every year, summary sheets are submitted that say "These were my first CW contacts ever," or "my first contest."  That's what this is all about.
Get on the air, have fun.
PHOTOS.   If you snap a photo or two of your QRPTTF, SOTA or NPOTA station, send it along with your Summary Sheet to be included on the results page. 
Questions or comments may be directed to: qrp-l@mailman.qth.net (QRP-L Forum)
or na5n@zianet.com
72, Paul NA5N and Jan NQT
Socorro, New Mexico
PS - I'll be operating from the east side of the Rio Grande on El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro National Historic Trail, TR17
QRPTTF is an annual operating event to encourage QRPers and SOTA stations to get out of the house and operate portable from the field, and of course, have fun.  Find a nice operating location (or summit) for yourself, or combine it with some buddies for a day-long adventure. QRPTTF encourages participation by QRP hams of all skill levels. CW speeds are usually in the 13-18 wpm range. QRPTTF is administered solely through the QRP-L reflector.
NPOTA Stations: RST, SPC, Park ID          example: 599 NM HP07 (= Chaco Canyon)
State Park Stations: RST, SPC, SP            example: 599 NJ SP
Any Ole Park/Field: RST, SPC, AOP          example: 599 TX AOP
Home Stations: RST, SPC, home               example: 599 MI home
SOTA Stations: RST, SPC, SOTA ID          example: 599 CO W/FR-004 (=Pikes Peak, CO)
SPC = State, Province, or Country                example: NY, MI, CA, BC, UK, etc.
Mode: CW and SSB
Power: QRP only (5 watts or less CW; 10W or less SSB)
CQ: The recommended CQ is "CQ TTF"
Suggested Frequencies:
    CW QRP watering holes: 3560, 7030/7040, 7110-7120, 14060, 21060, 28060 KHz
    SSB QRP frequencies:    3985, 7285, 14285, 21385, 28885 KHz
Hints: For enhanced activity, call CQ "on the hour" on 10/15M (if open)
             40M 7030-7040 is usually trashed early afternoon.  Try 7110-7120, usually open and clear


Per band: Number of QSOs per band TIMES the number of SPCs and SOTA summits worked
For clarity: if you work a SOTA station in UT, it counts as a UT SPC + a SOTA station.
QSO points: ADD scores for each band for QSO points
Total Score: QSO points TIMES Multiplier
Multipliers:  x1 home station
                      x2 QRPTTF Field or Any Ole Park station
                      x3 QRPTTF NPOTA, State Park, or SOTA station

2016 Summary Sheet click here
Edit and submit above Summary Sheet, which calculates your score automatically.
You do not need to submit logs.
Theme ... "Park It Here" 
QRPTTF has had a theme each year since - well, forever.  From operating from state lines, light houses, ghost towns, to last year's "Geronimo" to honor our American Indians and Native peoples.  We're also glad the ARRL is following suit with their year-long NPOTA - operate portable or "in the field" for National Parks On the Air.  Many QRPers and SOTA ops are participating in NPOTA.  So this year, QRPTTF encourages you to operate from a National Park so your QSOs count for ARRL's NPOTA event ... or if more convenient, operate from a nearby State Park, Municipal Park or Any Ole Park (AOP).
Station categories this year are:
PARK - operate from a NPOTA National Park, a State Park, or those
               operating from a qualifying SOTA summit for x3 multiplier
AOP - operating from "any ole park" or field station for x2 multiplier
HOME - those operating from their home stations for x1 multiplier
SOTA (Summits On The Air) stations are our QRPTTF partners and gives us all more stations to work and earn points.  You'll know the SOTA stations from an exchange like "NM W5/MG011" the SPC and summit ID.  SOTA stations count as any QRPTTF contact, PLUS - each summit worked counts as an SPC (extra credit for copying that weird exchange!). 
Some SOTA stations like to operate from 2 or 3 different summits during the day.  Working the same station from different summits (different summit ID exchange) do not count as dupes.
SOTA Stations: Operating QRP from a summit you are considered operating as a PARK station for the X3 multiplier. Please include your SPC in the exchange with QRPTTF stations. TNX.
NPOTA Stations: ARRL requires NPOTA stations to send the National Park designator. Thus, you will hear an exchange like
"599 NM HP07." NPOTA or State Park stations (send "SP") are considered operating as a PARK station for the X3 multiplier.  Please include your SPC in the exchange with QRPTTF stations. TNX.
"Park It Here"
A joint QRPTTF/SOTA QRP Contest
Administered solely by the QRP-L Internet Group
Saturday, April 23, 2016
And SOTA stations on the summits
More 2014 QRPTTF
photos here
Operate from a National Park
 or SOTA summit
Or, Operate from an AOP
(Any Ole Park)
Last year's QRPTTF
Changes this year: Operating start time has been changed from 0900 to 0800 local time by request for  the East coast early-bird stations wanting to work into Europe. Local time keeps the maximum contest time at 10 hours for all and 5-6 hours of overlap between time zones. Due to the weird locations some of us find, keeping it a "daylight contest" is important to ensure we QRT in the light and get home safe.
NPOTA - QRPTTF theme and rules are consistent to also count for ARRL's National Parks on the Air.
Occaneechi Village, NC
Rock House & petroglyph
cave, AR
W5N/SE-035 St. Peters Dome
Cochiti Pueblo, NM
VE2DDZ - VE2/ML-002
Rougemont Peak
N7KRN - W7W/CH-228
Quarter Wave Mountain
Peshastin, WA
Penjeac Pueblo ruins
Socorro, NM
general info here
Complete list of all qualifying
National Parks and facilities
Includes all National Parks
Battlefields & Historic Sites
Nat'l Rivers, lakes, seashores
Nat'l Monuments & Preserves
Nat'l Recreational Areas
National Historic Trails
556 total sites across the U.S.

List of all alphanumeric
designators for the NPS sites
Required for ARRL exchange
Official ARRL NPOA rules here
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