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Anatomy of a
St Peters Dome, NM
Abandoned fire tower W5N/SE-035
Fred KT5X (WSTA), Steve WD9FJL and John K1DJ are accomplished ops and well known in SOTA circles after activating many regional summits.
Hiking up the mountain to the summit of St. Peter's Dome in New Mexico, W5N/SE-035 site of an abandoned fire lookout tower.
John K1DJ (left) and Steve WD9FJL setting up the QRPTTF/SOTA stn.
Fred KT5X (WSTA) working stations for both QRPTTF and SOTA.
Beautiful view. You can almost
work NV line-of-sight!
Ah, ha the secret SOTA antennas. Steve WD9FJL (left) and Fred KT5X
Great photos, fella many thanks
Scenic location of Andreas DL6AP at Warnow River in Germany. I really like that antenna tripod!
KA1DBE, Jeff, found a nice spot overlooking the Union River, ME,
complete with table.
N9AW Jerry and NK9G Rick operated from the Covered Bridge Park on the Cedar River, WI.
N8PMR Jonathan
at Anclote River near
Tarpon Springs, FL.
Nice selfie!
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Updated: 31 May 2014
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2017 "A River Runs Through It" QRPTTF/SOTA
or, "Rivers on the Air"
User submitted photos
Click photos to enlarge
Thanks to all for the great photos!!!
Myron, WVH in Westminster, CO ... though the Big Dry Creek doesn't look all that dry to me. A nice relaxing spot, Myron.

Video of QRPTTF at WVH here
Michael, VE3WMB overlooking the Rideau River near Ottowa with a nice Alex Loop.
I think Nick, WA5BDU, has worked about every QRPTTF ever and always finds a great spot for the theme this time the Petit Jean River, AR.
The mighty Rio Grande
Paul, NA5N, near Socorro, New Mexico
A fun peaceful day "down on the river" both on-the-air and off. The bosque (trees along the river) served as a nice wind-break to keep things pleasant in spite of the spring winds. Gonna use this spot again.
If you've never seen the mighty Rio Grande ... Yup, this is it ... the biggest River in New Mexico with full spring run-off. Often runs dry in late summer. But, a scenic spot "in the field" to spend the day on the radio.
Drone photos of Paul's QRPTTF station on the banks of the Rio Grande using a KX2 and home-brew 20/40M inverted vee with fanned dipoles. The ultimate selfie ...selfie by drone.
Short drone video of the river
 and station here
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