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2018 "A River Runs Through It" QRPTTF/SOTA
or, "Rivers on the Air"
User submitted photos
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Thanks to all for the great photos!!!
2018003025.jpg 2018003024.jpg
Dave N4ELM was our 3rd place scorer
with 39 QSOs from Acadian Cultural
Center, LA. The Vermillion River is just
beyond the trees. Dave worked both
CW and SSB for QRPTTF.
2018003023.jpg 2018003022.jpg 2018003021.jpg
Hank N8XX Operating N8Q
Cedar Creek, MI
Hank operated N8Q for QRTTF
and POTA a special event
station for the 100th
Anniversary of the Michigan State Parks System. Plenty of
folks dropped by to see what
ham radio was all about.
Nice setup, Hank.
2018003020.jpg 2018003019.jpg
Todd N9NE submitted this photo of his QTH, west of Green Bay, WI, on the
day of QRPTTF following a fresh snow, forcing him to pretty much stay put
this year (don't blame him). Even the backup patio table (right photo) was
snow-bound with 30+ inches of snow.
The W4 SOTA Campout at Roan Mountain State Park, TN. Many shown
operated from nearby summits to give many those S2S (summit-to-
summit) contacts. Click photo to read names of participants.
QRPTTF/SOTA on Steroids!
Nick WB5BKL found a nice river bank location along the Colorado
River in TX. Rainy at first, but warmed up nicely. Several stopped
by to see what he was doing, including a dog that ran off with his
box of Ritz crackers. Just one hardship after another for Nick!
Jordan WC6J operating from SOTA
summit W6/NS-290 for his 1st QRPTFF.
Hauling that yagi and PAC-12 up there
was no small feat! Spectacular view.
On the other side of the Rockies
(namely AR), Nick WA5BDU found
some fast water for his river location.
2018003014.jpg 2018003013.jpg 2018003012.jpg
Bob KIG at his picturesque spot on
the Roaring Fork River in Colorado.
VIDEO click here
Myron WVH made this nice video of operating from DRY CREEK, CO ... in the RAIN (Dry Creek not so dry). What a trooper. TNX for the vid, Myron.
VIDEO click here
Bob KK4DIV submitted a nice video of his trip to Dead
River Landing with his new FT-891.  Nice video, Bob, with
some nice FL country.
2018003009.jpg 2018003008.jpg
QRPTTF in New Hampshire (Lane River) 
"Heard a few signals, but still had a good time"
Dave K1SWL
Tim W3ATB working his KX3 and
half-wave vertical.
Run out of tables over there, Tim?
Jim W1PID and Dave K1SWL taking turns at the same station, using a KX3
with a 44-foot dipole and a half-wave vertical hung from the trees. Nice location
just out of the snow!
Craig NCSM and John NJHA with a nice QRPTTF setup at the Corn Creek Spring on the Desert National Wildlife Refuge (KFF-0465) north of Las Vegas, NV. Two stations with a KX3 and Buddipole and an FT-817 feeding an EFHW. John made his first HF QSO during QRPTTF congratulations, John.
2018003007.jpg 2018003006.jpg
Marc reports not too many contacts with the
KX3 and inverted vee, but the sunny 70 degrees was a perfect day on the river bank.
Glad you found a break in the inclement
winter wx, Marc!
Marc W4MPS on the Haw River, NC
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