2018 "A River Runs Through It" QRPTTF/SOTA
VE3DQN - First day of spring for us here in Ontario. Not on the calendar, but weather-wise. A long ways to go to gain efficiency in my portable operations, but tons of fun anyway.
KE8EAS WB5BKL only station I heard in the contest.
He was a river station.  Still had fun.  Good excuse to
get outside and enjoy nature.  WX 65 and sunny.
NEVH - Thanks for the fun event.  20M was tough but
30 was good.
KA5T - 20m worked a little better than 40m.  Don't know
how with 125 ft. of coax feed to a 40M dipole.
N2CX - Combined POTA and QTTF.  It was fun doing QTTF
also in spite of abysmal condx.  Operated first from
High Point SP, NJ which could be SOTA, but I wimped out
and operated from the car, within view of Lake Marcia
and the Delaware River adn got 5 QTTF contacts.  Second
stop was the Walkill River NWR in NJ where I work only
one TTF station, WV0H out in Colorado.  Will do it again
next year hoping for more activity.

KF7WNS - Propagation was not in my favor today. I could
hear many stations, but none strong enough to copy.  I
did work NB6GC - USS Hornet in Alameda, CA.  I'm really
looking forward to getting the QSL package.
S57S - Running FT817 and vertical antenna with 3 sloping
radials.  73 es CU 2019 - Jurij (Slovenia)
KN5L - my copy in Wylie, TX was iffy at best.  On this
end was a K2 at 5 watts and a portable 40M inverted vee
at 25 feet in my back yard.  Thunderstorms were in the
forecast for Saturday so I opted to stay home. Worked a
few QRP party stations. The other known TTF QSO was with
NK9G on 40.
W4MPS - Perfect day to park on the river bank, 70 and
sunny.  Not many QSOs but a totally enjoyable afternoon.
KX3 at 5W, inverted vee.
WA5BDU - There was some rain on the drive up and
temperature a bit below 50, but it stayed dry.  Such a
pretty place.  Used my jackite pole and LNR clone EFHW
on 40 and 20 meters with my KX3.  Yes, conditions were poor. I managed 10 Qs in 3 hours of operation. Of those
at least four were TTF stations, a couple were SOTA a
couple MI QP and one or two unknown.
KIG - I was in CO also but on the other side of the hill
on the Roaring Fork River. Had it not been for MN and
VE3 events it would have been a bust.
WVH - Had fun but seems field operating always throws
curve balls and this test was no different.  Adapt and
overcome and have fun.
KI6DS - Vic Black AB6SO and I operated where Adobe Creek empties into the San Francisco Bay.  Rigs: KX2 x 2
Antenna: QRPGuys triband vertical and Packtenna 9-1 balun with 29 foot wire.  Contacts: 22 (Sota: 19, Qrpttf: 3)
SPC: 14.  One of us would find a contact, work him, then
hand the paddle to the other to work him.  That way the
other station got a twofer, one contact with AB6SO, one
with KI6DS.  It is lots of fun to operate this way. 
NA5N taught me this many years ago. [Ooops, busted!]
WD7Y - I always look forward to QRPTTF.  I have worked it
for 10 years.  As always, there are good years and not so
good.  I know there were lots of stations in the mud,
wish I could have copied them.  No matter God willing I
will be there for QRPTTF next year.
AF2DX - I dont have mountains here in NJ but we do have
tall buildings.  I went to a local hospital where I used
to work.  I went on the roof then climbed a ladder to get
on top of the elevator shaft.  I used my FT 891 with a 10
AMP battery and my mag loop.  After 3 hours I packed it up
and spent the rest of the day fishing
NK9G and N9AW - Went west of Fox River (WI), trying to
avoid the runoff from the recent snows.  Temperature
low 40s, warmed to 50s.  Conditions were lousy.  We
both used our KX3 and both made about 15 Qs.  So we had
fun as any time we go out portable its nice to put the
equipment through the paces.  Thanks to NA5N for his
ongoing effort to put this on.  Conditions are not the
best and probably will be like this for a few years.
WD8RIF - Lousy band conditions but it's always fun to
operate QRP outside!
WB3GCK - Poor band conditions coupled with high noise
we were camped in made for a very frustrating day.
I'm hoping for better conditions next year.
NK8Q -  I had the most amount of S2S QSOs that I have
ever had in a single day, so thank you for all the QSOs.
KJ5FA - Not much luck with contacts but met Nick
WA5BDU at the park!!!  Better next year I hope.
W5MSQ the Houston QRP club was operated by Ed N5EM and Andy W5ACM.  20M was in and out.  Heard South America on
15M but no takers.  Operated from Bear Creek Park.  No river - just a creek.
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