Updated: 31 May 2014
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2020 "Stay at Home" QRPTTF/SOTA
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Updated 13 May 2020
2020003011.jpg 2020003010.jpg 2020003009.jpg
Jerry, KI4IO practicing self-isolation in his VA backyard. Nice site.
Dick, N4HAY (VA) ventured maybe 6-ft. from his back door for a nice station.
Dave, NE5DL didn't let things slow him down for a nice TX backyard Field station.
And "Stay at Home" Shacks
The QRPTTF home shack of W3TS in PA. Rain forced Mike to use his KX2 inside
with his nice Home shack arragement.
(Cleaner shack than mine!)
Soap Box
2020003006.jpg 2020003005.jpg
Barry, N1EU from his SOTA location, W7O/CS-071
Woodrat Mountain in southern OR. Beautiful way to spend a few hours in "social distancing."
Nick, WA5BDU demonstrating the safest hobby on Earth from his backyard field location in AR. He also put a Covid-19 filter on his feedline to ensure a clean signal.
The shack of VE3MGY. In addition to a QRPer, Brian is also a well accomplished contester. He operated two stations simultaneously to work his 115 QRPTTF contacts (high scorer) and the Ontario QSO Party at the same time.
(Far more skill than I have)
2020003003.jpg 2020003002.jpg 2020003001.jpg
NA5N's home shack using his KX2 and NorCal paddles (remember those?)
NA5N working QRPTTF 2020 taking all precautions to protect the ether. Used old Ten Tec Argo 556 and
1938 McElroy Speedkey
Most QRPTTF contacts made on NA5N's homebrew terminated folded dipole (TFD)