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AA6W Don (left) and K6ZD Dave (right) operated from a nice park location in Almaden, CA.
KEMT Bryan with a nice, neat home station in Columbus, IN. His K2 and 58ft end fed antenna works well - when the bands cooperate.
A nice selfie from Kent N6WT operating from SOTA summit W6C/SC-243. Kent was this year's highest scorer by picking a summit that's above the lousy ionosphere!!!
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When all else fails ...
this works too for submitting your Summary Sheet. KB1ZHU Don worked SSB from NH.
Gene N5GW shows the good old reliable pen and paper logging works well in the field for his 22 QSOs. He even worked me!
Another one of our SOTA stations, Tim NTZW (and guide dog) operated SSB from CO summit WC/PR-148
KQ7D Don operating from Outback, Nevada, using his home station antenna (right).
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Rich VA3RSA operated "field car portable" from a park near Markham, ONT with his IC-705 and 17 foot whip on 20M and 40M. Setup was quick and easy to get out of the weather.
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Glen, W1ND in Maine setup in a neighborhood soccer field to test out his KX2 with a CHA Mil-whip on a guyed hiking pole for a nice portable/field QRP station. Temp was 72F for an enjoyable day in the field and on the air.
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Malcolm, VE2DDJ hiked to his SOTA summit VE2/LR-019 in Quebec. He worked 15 QSOs and 3 other SOTA stations from the summit. And, what a magnificent view.
K2HYD, Ray, also operated car portable from a park near Bridgewater, VA with his KX3.
Three QSOs "outback" in the NM spring wind was enough for Paul NA5N , so retreated to the home station. Used old Ten Tec Argo and 1938 McElroy bug
N5BGZ Mike -- Not too many on, but it was fun! And, worked my first SOTA.
N4MJ Glenn -- Rain and cold kept me out of the field. Fun anyway. Hope I helped the guys increase their scores.
AG4CC Karen -- This is my first time in this event.  Thanks for sticking with me to make the contact.  Had fun!
W1PID Jim -- It was sunny and a perfect day for QRPTTF.  CW in the back yard with KX3 on solar power and 75 ft. sloper.  Thanks to all for the QSOs.
W4NLT Andy -- Very frustrating day. No response to CQs and few stations I called heard me.
N5GW Gene -- Didn't realize name exchange was not needed for TTF or I could have racked up FL QSO Party stations.
WA4AAK Evan -- Just 2 QRPTTF contacts and I was glad to get them: WS9E and W7CXX.  See you next time.
WD8RIF Eric -- Since our hamfest almost always falls on QRPTTF weekend, and cancelled by Covid, this is the first QRPTTF I've been able to participate in many years.  I had a great time!
NTZW Tim -- Thanks for organizing this. 
WITT Gary -- WX not helpful this year. Sunday (of course) was beautiful. Thanks for the QSO and see you next year.
VA3AMX Eric -- Very frustrating with conditions this year.  Two QSOs better than nothing.
WD7Y Ed -- Thanks for another QRPTTF. Heard you calling on 20M but couldn't reach you.  Maybe next year.
AB9CA Dave -- Good to hear some familiar calls and some new ones. Tough to be heard under the current conditions. But, fun none the less.
WVH Myron -- Operated from my new garden Tuff Shed. The new lumber smell made the lack of QSOs more tolerable. Used my new MTR 4B, the little red radio with Li-Ion batteries.
NMII Jeff -- I was real pleased to (barely) hear you in the mud on 20M. A real thrill to hear you send my call back.
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