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EMT Training Help
EKG Academy
Practical Clinical Skills
Respiratory Guide
Medical Terminology Guide
Easy Auscultation

We offer a service for certification for medical professionals to certify or recertify quickly in advanced cardiac life support systems. We also provide a wealth of information regarding ACLS algorithms. We also offer practice quizzes to brush up on your skills for ACLS (BLS and EMS certifications)

Healthcare Administration
MPH Program
Public Health Corps
National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention Heart Disease Facts
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Fire Science Online


Mountain View Regional Medical Center, Las Cruces, NM

Paramedics Web site

U of T Health Science Center at San Antonio Clinical Departments Links List

Tabby's EMS Educational Links Page

Wilderness Medicine Site

JEMS Magazine Main Menu

Penn. State University EMS Homepage

National Institute of Emergency Care, Inc.

Center For Disease Control

Emory University Health Sciences Library

National Association of EMT's Online

EMS Magazine

EKG QUIZ How much do you know?

American Medical Association



Obstetrics and Gynecology Network

American Academy of Pediatrics

The Interactive EMS Call Simulator


Discovery Health

EMS Village

U.S. Office of the Surgeon General
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
National Institutes of Health
Office of the Medical Investigator
New Mexico EMS Bureau
CE Solutions Online EMS Continuing Education
Crash Cards
Industrial Ambulance & Safety service caters to oil fields, mines and special events

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