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This web site will provide you with numerous links to web sites that I have created for both myself and others, to include businesses. If you would like to have your own web site but don't know how. Drop me an email. I'd be glad to build one for you for a very reasonable fee. Cost is dependant on what you want. The limitations for the most part, end where your imaginations ends. If you have questions, let me know. There is no obligation. Thank you for your time.  Brad


Woman- She is an angel in truth, a demon in fiction-
A woman is the greatest of all contradicition;
She's afraid of a cockroach, she'll scream at a mouse,
But she'll tackle a husband as big as a house.
She'll take him for better, she'll take him for worse;
She'll split his head open and then be his nurse;
And when he is well and can get out of bed,
She'll pick up a teapot and throw at his head.
She's faithful, deceitful, keen sighted and blind:
She's crafty, she's simple, she's cruel, she's kind.
She'll lift a man up, she'll cast a man down,
She'll make him her hero, her ruler, her clown,
You fancy she's this and find that she's that,
For she'll play like a kitten and fight like a cat.
In the morning she will, In the evening she won't,
And you're always expecting she will but she won't.

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