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The "Webring" is a unique, and time saving concept. The easiest way to explain this is : I start the Paramedics Web Ring on my page. When others see the concept, theme and ideas of my page, they can fill out the forms below and have their home pages of the same theme added to the ring. Then, all pages "linked" within the ring will surf through the WWW but you won't ever leave the same basic concept of pages devoted to the lives and care of people's well being. Just follow the links on their pages to get the next page, or use the next 5 links option.

What are the requirements for the ring

The sites accepted into the ring must: be related to health and welfare with a prefered focus on prehospital care; be related to public safety; have sufficient depth of content; have content and form comprehensible to general public; contain decent language and material; contain more than just a product to sell include the required HTML code and display the ring badge with all its links on the approved page;

Once you have added yourself to the queue you will get the html code returned to you by email. Add it on your site and send email to RCmedic ( Brad Davison, NREMT-P )

How is Ring Integrity Ensured?

The people over at Webring have a utility to let the administrator test the ring. This utility checks every member of the ring to make sure their pages are still up and that the pages contain the required Ring HTML. If any page is found lacking- I will e-mail the owner of the page to inform them of the problem. You will have 48 hours to correct the problem or inform me of when the corrections should be expected. If no answer is recieved the page will be removed from the ring.

Submit site to Paramedics Web Ring

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Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

Fill out this link if you need to edit your webring entry information (URL, site title, etc, in case your site has moved):

Site ID:

Add A Link To The Ring
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This is an example of how the Paramedics Web Ring should look on your page:

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Paramedics Web Ring by rcmedic
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