Richard Laymon was born in Chicago in 1947.

He grew up in California and received his degree from Willamette University, Oregon in English Literature. He graduated with his Master of Arts from Loyola University, Los Angeles.

Laymon worked full-time as a writer, and prior to doing so, worked as a schoolteacher, a librarian and as a report writer for a law firm.

Richard married Ann and had one child, Kelly.

1947 - 2001

Richard Laymon tragically died of a heart attack on St. Valentine's Day February 14, 2001.

Richard won a Bram Stoker Award for The Best Horror Novel of 2000 with THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW. The award was accepted by Richard's daughter Kelly on May 26, 2001 at the World Horror Convention in Seattle Washington.

My heart goes out to the family; Ann and Kelly.

Rest in Peace Richard.


This website is a labor of love which began shortly after Dick's death in 2001 and will be under construction until I feel I have a complete bibliography of Richard Laymon's work. Unfortunately work and other responsibilities kept me from updating the website for several years; but I am back to catch us up with world of Richard Laymon. I placed the information on the net to give all you Laymonites the opportunity to use the information to complete your collections or just to see some of the artwork available on Laymon's covers. This website is optimized for use with Internet Explorer.

Some of these links may not be operational yet, and I am correcting the broken links first; however as of today, 98% of the Book Page has been uploaded, 100% of the Short Story Page, 100% of the Pseudo Book Page, 100% of the Chapbook Page, and 85% of the Fastback Page. I am waiting on verification on a couple things that are not posted yet. Some pages may still need some information that I am either not in possession of or am waiting on. If you have some information you would like to share or you find the site lacking information or even find something which I am incorrect in, please email me; my email address is at the bottom of this page. I will shortly be adding a magazine page so you can find all the pulps containing Laymon's short stories, but the information is available on the short story page as well.

Thanks to Karen, for running the coolest Laymon email list on the net and for the opportunity to meet the Laymonites. Unfortunately this email list does not appear operational any longer however you can meet some great Laymonites at Richard Laymon Horror Master on facebook.

Thanks to Steve Gerlach at RLK and Sam Smith for all their help.

I would especially like to thank:

Kimmy Hill for introducing me to Richard Laymon's work, for without her book recommendation, this website never would have been born.

Ann Laymon for the wonderful emails, discussion and help.

And my wife Lydia, who puts up with my expensive book collecting habit.    :0)

Rudy Saenz

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New Hampshire Radio Theater Production of Richard Laymon's - The Grab

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