Have you ever had trouble with Web Mail?

Our Web mail facility is a great convenience, whether you want to check personal email from the office, or you are on the road and have access to an Internet connected computer. You can check your email from any Internet connection.

Do you ever have to type your username and password twice before the system lets you in? There is a little security feature in Web mail that checks to see if you are already Logged In. Next time you use Web mail, tell it when you are done by clicking the Log Out link on the left. Next time you log in it will let you in first try!

Web mail lacks a few features. It does not print well because, depending on what Browser you are using, the ideal format for reading on screen does not work well when you hit the print button. We are aware of this but there is little we can do. We did not write the software, we bought it from a vendor and adapted the colors to the color scheme used on our pages.

You may also have missed an address book. Yes, it would be nice to have an address book, but this could also be a privacy issue should someone figure out how to display the contents of your address book. We know of one major email service that dropped an address book from its web mail. We figure that when it comes to your personal information, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, there is the issue of time-out. Have you ever spent 20 minutes or so typing an email and lost the message when you tried to submit it? That is frustrating! And we are sorry, but this too is a security feature. Let's say you are at a public library and you decide to check your email. You finish your work and then go on your way, but you forget to use the Log out link. The next person to use that terminal could, using the Back button to back up a few screens, view your email. They could delete messages and even send messages that would appear to be coming from you... bad news! While it is frustrating to loose your work, this is far better than allowing someone else to get into your email account.

If you really need to type a long message, first type it out in a word processor, then copy it and paste it into your new message in Web mail. You can send it right away. This also works for that print problem described above. You can copy the text from the message in Web mail, then paste it into your word processor, where it will print out just fine.

If you use Web mail all the time and are not happy with the limitations, please give us a call & we will help you set up a mail client like Netscape Messenger to do your email. It has all of the features, and none of the limitations. Use Web mail only when you are away from your computer, as a convenience, as it is intended.