Privacy Statement for Dial-up accounts

Privacy Statement (Internet Service)

This statement explains our privacy policy respecting you. It is necessary for us to collect information from you so that we may contact you regarding service, and so that we may identify you over the phone in order to update your information. These statements apply to Dial-up accounts, Broadband accounts, and email accounts included in our service agreement.

We require your Name, Phone Number, Postal address, and a mother's maiden name (or secret word). We do not sell or share information you provide to any outside business or agency, except for law enforcement officials in the case of an investigation of possible criminal activity.

We use Name, Phone number, and Address information to bill you, and to contact you should you need assistance with service. We use Mother's maiden name in order to positively identify you over the phone should we need to discuss your account password or personal information with you for any reason.


ZiaNet provides certain services such as Yellow and White Pages listings of our customers. Participation in these listings is voluntary. We do not add your information to the listings. You must submit your information for this purpose, and you may select what details will be displayed.

Your Internet service agreement includes space to put up your Web directory (homepage). Information you place on your Home Page(s) is supplied voluntarily by you. We do not exert any control over this information and do not assume responsibility for information or content you place there.

Other services, such a bulletin boards, guest books, and chat rooms may be provided by other ZiaNet customers, or elsewhere on the Internet. Participation in these is voluntary and is not covered by our Account Information statement above.

Also see Privacy Statement for Virtual Domains.