ZiaNet Spam Filter

The ZiaNet spam filter is a pretty good way to reduce the number of annoying junk emails you receive in your inbox.

Click here or go to http://spamfilter.zianet.com.

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How Can I Manage Junk Email?

Spam is the electronic equivalent of junk mail. It’s a general term that refers to any unsolicited and unwanted email messages you receive. Spam has become a problem on the Internet. Some people receive so much junk email that it takes a long time to even find the important messages! What can you do about it? You can put the Spam Assassin Spam Filter to work for you. We include this feature free, on request, with most standard e-mail accounts.

How Does the Spam Filter Work?

Using complex algorithms, the spam filter scans email messages for key phrases and characteristics that have been identified as “spam-like.” For each phrase and characteristic recognized by the filter, point values are assigned. After the entire message has been analyzed, the points are totaled into an overall score. The score determines what happens to the message.

If a message addressed to you is flagged as spam, it is placed into a special folder within your webmail. You can access the webmail, and your SPAM folder, at http://mail.zianet.com

Spam Filter Features

The Spam Filter has features that give you some control over how spam is handled on your email account. To be most effective, it's better if you have some understanding of how those features work.

How to Modify Your Spam Filter Settings

To control the Spam Filter, open a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) go to http://spamfilter.zianet.com and enter your username and password at the login screen. Here you will find sensitivity settings and a Whitelist managemanet area. The Whitelist is a list of email addresses you always want to receive e-mail from. So you will want to add your family, friends, and subscription email addresses to this list so they always get through the filter.

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