The Coffe Vertical and the Melehan Valiant

The same thing can be said of the Coffe Vertical and the Melehan Valiant that was said of the Wirechief's Key and the Midget...they are so darn rare they also deserve their own page!

big pic of Coffe
closeup of label

The Coffe Vertical Mecograph may be the oldest bug still in existance

big Melehan pic

The Melehan Valiant, Huntington Beach, CA ca. 1940

Albright Label Bugs

Horace Martin of Vibroplex sued and successfully put out of business most companies that infringed on his patent. But so many of the bootleg bugs were being used that for a price, usually a few dollars, his agent (Albright) would sell a license allowing the bug to be used. The label reads "This Machine is Licensed by but Not Guaranteed Nor Manufactured by J.E. Albright."

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