Instruments of Torture?

Below are two instruments intended to strike terror into the heart of left-footed telegraphers! Be sure to click the picture for a great link by W4RNL!

The Wouffhong

The Rettysnitch

Thanks and credit to the ARRL website for pictures!

The Brown Bros. Machine Company
made their line of keys from 1964 to
1979 in St. Louis, Mo. See an article
by Jim Zimmerman in "The Vail
Correspondent", January, '93.

What's Your Geography IQ?

How much geography do you think you know? Try to beat the 60 second clock and get as many capitals or places correct as possible! After choosing 'Places' or 'Capitals', clicking "Enter" starts the clock and gives you one free point. You must correctly spell the answer, using capital letters and small letters (i.e., Washington D.C. is correct, but washington d.c. and WASHINGTON D.C. are not) or your answers will be counted as incorrect. Incorrect answers and skips cause a point to be deducted, so it is very easy to end up with a negative final score. When playing the places game, if the place is located in the U.S., you must type in the correct STATE. If the place is outside the U.S., you must type in the correct COUNTRY. Do not use abbreviations in your answers. Click your browser's "Reload/Refresh" button to play again. To change from one game to the other after the timer is down to 0, right click the applet before hitting 'Reload.' If you haven't started the game yet, you can click the 'time left' box to change to a 90 second game (or back to 60 seconds.) Source of data and spelling-- Rand McNally Universal World Atlas.

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