The Sparks Telegraph Key Review

Spark Key Project

A Cooperative Effort by Collectors and Historians Worldwide

Although the U.S. Navy Type Numbers Book for 1923 is a must have for spark telegraph key collectors, it is unfortunately almost impossible to obtain it. This book lists information for BuSE Navy contract spark keys for most of the history of wireless. Since the actual book is hundreds of pages long, only the 6 pages which reference keys are reproduced here. Each page is a .jpg file of about 80K size. This book can be used to gain information about an item when only its BuSE type number is known. For example, if you have an SE-86 in your collection but do not know for what use it was intended, you can look it up here and find that it was intended for use with 1/2 KW submarine transmitters and that it was superceded by the SE-653.

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