A Virtual Reality Telegraph Key!

The Sparks Telegraph Key Review invites you to see the world's first virtual reality telegraph key. Most recent versions of popular web browsers come with a virtual reality browser installed with them from the factory. Older versions of Netscape, Explorer and other browsers may require a plug-in such as the Cosmo Player to view virtual reality worlds. The Cosmo Player is free to download. Welcome to my world!

If your browser is virtual reality enabled, you should see a purple cylinder in the window below.

For those of you interested in the details, I have completely hand coded this world in VRML. I am fairly fluent in Java and will be hopefully coding in some more complicated interactivity and behavior in the future.

Try examining the key by rotating it around and looking underneath. Don't forget to click the knob and see what happens! Please wait for the entire file to load before hitting the controls. Have fun...

Transport me to the Virtual Reality Telegraph Key!

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