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The PPDRDG Ministry of Slightly Off-Kilter Entertainment Presents:
The Hope Colt Visit of 2001!

O.K.  So She Wrote and Said She's Gotten There!
If her emails to the MinSliOffKilEnt is any indication,
it ought to be a VERY interesting Visit.

Turn on the hot water, boys, Hope's on the way!

Subject:  Hi Guys!
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 10:26:38 EST
Dear Guys Over There:

Hey thank you very much for being there!  You are the very living breathing reason that I live in the "Land Of The Free And The Brave"! As a matter of fact you are the "Brave" part.

Not only are you ready at anytime to risk your life for me and the rest of the couch-patato-cell-phone-indented-heads-over-fed-under-educated-ingrates in the continental USA, but you are willing to do many things that are noble sacrifices:

You'll do minotonous jobs that almost drive you nuts!
You'll hang out constantly with a bunch of guys who are proud of and compete for the loudness of their farts.
You'll eat what and when THEY tell you to.
You'll sleep not enough
You'll get totally drunk whenever you are able because as a patriotic American you support the Jack Daniel's distributors!


You are my heroes and you guys. are the only "boy band" poster I want to hang on my wall.

I'm a comedian who will be coming there to meet you and I can't wait!   To tell as many of you Thanks, in person, as I can!

Hope Colt

PS: Risking you life and limb for our country is SO TOTALLY SEXY!  I have to take a cold shower now!

This is Her!
Did You Get An Autograph?
Where Did You Get It?



Mon, 12 Nov 2001 11:54:55 EST
     It's the coolest, and of course hottest place I've ever freakin been and okay so maybe    that is a realitively few places comparitively, but it's more amazing than I could have imagined too!  Yes I'm a little excited about this whole DG thing....Yes! I am over my 20 min limit for computer use so I really can't say much more but I got the important point out.  WOW
     I'll just keep writing till they kick me off and I think I can take the little DG21 chick in charge of the computers, but if this just ends abruptly well, she probably won.
     The trip over would fill several chapters and then when we got in we had to sit in a bus in a hanger coz of a "situation" which in military means someone found a suspicious package in the post office and well the bomb squad is opening it.
     No show tonite.  I'm dead on my feet but doubt I can sleep.  At dinner at the Oclub the TV reported a airline down in queens.  Dear lord let it not be terrorists.  Please let there be some peace for NYC soon.  Those poor people all of the them.
     Met a little redhaired pilot named Sam.  She was an Aussie, cute only about 24.  We have indeed come a long way baby!  Talked to a pilot only a few months from retiring. Keep them safe!
     Saw where we'll be playing.  Do you think anyone will be sober enough to listen tomarrow?  They wern't tonite.  I'm gonna give em hell.  No restrictions on content.  That's what the powers that be said.  Sooo Well looks like I'm getting cut off for the nite.   bye  HC

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