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Editor's Note:  This is really, really OLD information...

The PPDRDG Commissar of Top Secret Photography presents:
Backgrounds for your Desktops

So, you've always wanted a photo from DG for a Desktop?
Well, here're a few you can use.
These are all 800 X 600 pixels, so won't fill your screen if you're running a higher resolution.

 Sorry Mac folks, I'm don't know how to set you up...but for you slaves of Bill G., here's how to do it:

1.  Click on the thumbnail.  You'll go to a JPEG picture.
2.  Download that photo directly into C:\Windows.
3.  Select the photo as your desktop background by right clicking your current desktop, left clicking properties, left clicking on Background, and finding the name of the photo in the selection window.
4.  If you've got Windows 98 or later, you can call up the JPEG directly if you're running an active desktop.
5.  If you've got Windows 95 or are running a normal desktop, you'll need to:
    a.  Call up a graphics program.
    b.  Call up the JPEG, and do a 'save as' and save it as a bitmap (.bmp).
    c.  Follow the directions in 3 above.
    d.  Buy a newer version of Windows!

(unless otherwise noted, these are my photos)

C-141 in Final Turn for Runway 13, 1988.

Coconut Crab (photo by Dan Cornine 1999)

Diego Garcia from Northwest (USN stock photo)

British Indian Ocean Territory Arms (Beckie Holloway scan)

Hawksbill Turtle in Turtle Cove, 1987

East Point Plantation ruins, from So. West (Bill Carter's photo)

COMPSRON 2 Ships in the rain, 1988.

Sunrise in the Lagoon - from BOQ beach, looking SE.

Sunset behind Cannon Point (from O'Club) 1988.

Another Sunset behind Cannon Point, 1988.

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