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Bob Hope's 1972
Diego Garcia Tour!  Page 2...
NMCB 62's SEABEACON Newsletter about the visit!

(Many thanks to Dave Johnson for these pages.)

MY QUEST = to remember ......
SERVICE = nmcb-62,
UNIT = alpha Co heavy shop
My Time There is Lost in an Alcoholic Haze, Help Me Remember!  This is a No-Shit Drinking Story
MY WARSTORY = what about the c-130's.....what a ride.....and the shit'ers burning them.....and the party' what a good time...the club...the drive in.....and bob hope and red fox to ...i still have the newsletter with the bob hope show pic's in itand my yearbook from 75 rota with nmcb-62....the golf course...oh i long to remember those i work in florida with many types of navy radar systerms for ships and sub's too also the nexrad weather radar i work on many of the 1st systems...we also do radar tracking systems for fire control systems...never thought i would be working on this stuff. good luck and nice page dude can do ...anytime anywhere anyhow

ABOVE:  Dolores Hope on Diego Garcia, Christmas 1972

Caption for the page BELOW:  The time is fast approaching when our deployment to Diego Garcia will be history for all to read.  As we look back upon the seven or eight months spent on the Island, many will think to themselves that it won't be hart to forget.  But there were times spent here that will remain a part of us as cherished memories.  They can probably be broken down into two groups:  First Construction achievements wich will speak for themselves as a lasting tribute to SEABEE endeavor, and Secondly, our off-duty enjoyments whether it be liberty or R & R.  When we address ourselves to the latter, no one can deny that the Bob Hope Christmas USO Show is not high on our list.  These last few pages are devoted to that show.

Captions for the page above:
TOP:  Bob Hope surrounded by the twelve "American Beauties".
BOTTOM LEFT:  Lola Falana belting out a song and looking pretty good at it too!
BOTTOM RIGHT:  Close up on those "American Beauties".

Captions for the page below:
TOP LEFT:  Pictures were snapping left and right but for whom?  Bob or Lola?
TOP RIGHT:  Bob and Belinda Green, Miss World 1972.
BOTTOM LEFT:  Bob and Redd Foxx in a seagoing skit.
BOTTOM RIGHT:  UTC Charles Gartman "Just try and match it".

On the page below, the picture in the upper right shows Bob laying a block in BEQ 1.  This room became the infamous "Bob Hope Suite" where Bob stayed on his visit in 1987, and in which innumerable marriages are consummated!  If you were one of the lucky ones to occupy the BHS, be sure to tell your oldest kid that he was made in the room Bob Hope built!


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