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The Diego Garcia
Rogues' Gallery:
The Brits.

But first, here's a couple of DG gobs from 1976.  Where did they get those shirts?  And what's with the hugging?

Brits from Naval Party 1002, 1976
I offer my deep regrets to my friends and aquaintences of 1987-1988 amongst the British Forces on Diego Garcia that I did not take enough photos to include all of them in this web site.  If you were there and have a photo taken on the island during that period, please send me the photo as a .jpg file.  Also, since I have completely lost all my notes on names, I'm not sure of most of the ones on this page.  If you know the names to match to the photos below, send them to me.  Please.

This was, without a doubt, the most interesting tatoo on the island in 1988
(at least that you could see in a public place):

Budda finally
                  arrives on Diego Garcia

The British Forces Role in the Revolution of April 21, 1988.

(thanks to Lisa Edson for this picture)
The guy holding the coke (which was probably full of rum) is PO1 Johnny "JJ" Johnson, a USN diver (thanks to HM2 Debi Manning for the info)

The Brits on Diego Garcia were among the most interesting of the Revolutionaries involved in the 1988 "silent coup" which established the Provisional People's Republic.  Mostly they were known for going half-naked all the time.  Perhaps it was because they came from a cold, inhospitable climate, or maybe because they wanted the world to see their tatoos, or possibly it was because they wanted skin cancer.  Never-the-less, these fellows (and Jayne) were usually to be found nearly, or completely, naked.  Personnally, I was embarrassed of my belly, but these fellows loved to show off the subcutaneous layers.

It was this endearing trait, that permitted them to function so effectively in the Revolutionary Struggle.  Anyone fearless enough to run around in public with their bellies bouncing, and then sit on their country's flag, were naturals for the recruiting efforts of the Revolutionary Cells (see the Brit Club page for more on these activities).  Anywhere the Brits went in their cute little uniforms, or wearing their flag as underwear, everyone paid attention to them, and ignored the Revolutionaries in their midst!

One of the most effective Revolutionaries was Brian Mendham, from Nottinghamshire, in England.  As Manager of the only telephone exchange for private calls off the island, he was in the perfect position to track who was buying a lot of phone cards, and therefore calling home a lot, and therefore disallusioned and therefore ready for recruitment!

Harry, Steve, Ian and Don (all Royal Navy)

 Dave Hardy, the only serious Brit on the Island - He was the dope dog handler.

Vit Cox, Ben and Snuff,
                    Diego Garcia, 1986
Vitt Cox - who Dave replaced - with his beloved dogs Ben & Snuff.

Jayne (ROPO 4), and Paul Neary (Buddaman)!

Alan Booker and Chris,
                    Diego Garcia, 1988
Alan Booker, CINC Brit Marines in 1988.  He was the meanest, toughest hombre I ever met, although he loved Chris the Cop.
(thanks to Lisa Edson for this photo and the four that follow)

The photo above is of the wedding of HM2 Debi Manning and Christ "Topsy" Turner, Royal Marine.
Thanks to Debi for the info, and she notes, "too bad pictures last longer than marriages!"
Jayne and Lisa, Diego
                    Garcia 1987

Ted and Brian Mendham, Manager of the Pay and Pay and Pay and Pay Phone Company.

High Tea at the Brit Residence
Ben the Retired Dope Dog's Birthday Bash!
That's Cmdr. Drummond, Vitt Cox, Steve (hiding), unk., and Des Briggs (ROPO 1 - Chief of Police)

Jeff and Mary
                    Swanson Get Hitched, Diego Garcia, 1985

1985:  The Brit Rep was also the Justice of the Peace for the Territory.
This is Cmdr. John Topp, presiding over the marriage of
LT JEFF & MARLIE SWANSON (married on DGAR 5/24/85)

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