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People who want to go there, but can't!

NAME = tom
MY QUEST = how are y
VT of a SWALLOW = 1,2
SERVICE = ONZ   ahha
RANK/RATE/JOB = preacher
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want to Drink A Lot, Cheap SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = There I Was, Passed Out on The Beach MY WARSTORY = i'am stupid, but i'am happy// hahah
FROM:  Tom Vaughan []
     I just stumbled onto your site. An associate emailed some pix of the B-1 gear-up landing and I got to explore your site some.
     You're a fuckin' jewel even if you were in the US Chair Force (understand that this is coming from a retired USN helo driver!).  I especially enjoyed your comments to the whiny emails.
     I never got to DG, being essentially an East Coast sailor but DG, along with Antarctica, are one of the places I actually wanted to get a tour.
     Oh well, I saw plenty of other places in the world.
     Thanks for putting up your website. It's an honest piece of military culture and something to be proud of.
     Keep up the fine work and keep throwing back the shit from the whiners.
Tom Vaughan
LCDR    USN (ret)
PS ~ Here's a story (can't validate its veraciity) that you may not have heard.  There was a Navy P-3 crew deployed there for 6 months. One of the flight crew (NFO, I believe) thought he could save a ton of per diem money if he ate nothing but coconuts and not spend a dime on food. So this knucklehead survives the deployment on nothing but coconuts and gets back stateside with most of his per diem saved up. Soon after he gets back, he goes in to get his flight physical and is immediately taken off flight status because of elevated cholesteral due to all the cocnuts this fool has consumed.  Don't know if it's true or not. Sounds plausible with all the stories I read on your website.
Best regards!

NAME = Art Ridgway
MY QUEST = Maintain an even keel
VT of a SWALLOW = Inversely proportionate to a 13 buttton release maneuver
UNIT = CLG-6, CLG-3, DD-863, DD-864, FF-1052, FFG-15
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want a Job as Far Away from My Wife as Possible
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = This is a No-Shit Sailing Story
MY WARSTORY = So there I am, first week aboard the big cruiser, a non designated seaman deuce assigned to x-division (that temporary intermediate place run by the MAA, before they decide what real divison they might send you to). My detail on this particular day means to scour (with that useless non-bleach cleansing powder)and sponge-clean baseboards along the passageway somewhere along the first deck. Pushing the bucket ahead of me, while on hands and knees of course, and doing the repetitive task. Up ahead abit the passageway has a diagonal turn to the right (at the post office door). I push the bucket just ahead of the door and continue my task. Out of nowhere suddenly there's this clunk sound and water is rapidly spreading my way - dirty water of course. I am not happy, but have zero time to do anything but see the bucket has attached itself firmly to the shoe wedged inside, its bearer wearing khakis, holdng papers, and making insane noises as he swung his foot first one way, then the other. Of course as he's doing this several things are happening all at the same time - like water flinging first one way, then the other down the passgeway (a mess that will later take well over an hour to rectify), the look of fire in the khaki guys eyes, the sounds and curses emanting from the guys mouth, and (by now) the audience he has succeeded in capturing. Mind you, all the while I have remained in the position from which this all started - on my hands and knees, but now looking up... Finally the bucket allows his shoe to dislodge, thereby hurling the bucket down the passageway - leaving yet more mess to contend with. Fire in the eyes and bellowing from the mouth of the khaki clad guy still in full measure, he probably realized there was no getting even with anyone but himself, so he noisily turned and stomped up the ladder to the main deck - stomp, skoosh, stomp, skoosh. The audience that had gathered broke out in simultaneous laughter. I was too "boot" to know who the khaki-clad guy was - could'a been a admiral for all I knew.

May one day.
NAME = Moon
MY QUEST = To find the boots sucked from feet by the mud.
VT of a SWALLOW = Equal to that of the aircraft to which it has be sewn.
SERVICE = Pure civilian
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Geo-political Rabble Rousing
MY WARSTORY = I've had the opportunity to meet some of the military men and women of the United States and Canada, via my father's involvement with the 82nd Airborne Division. It's understandable how some people can make a career of the military - it's often safer for them and the rest of the world that way.  I can't recall how I stumbled across this website - but I instantly bookmarked it. I'm more into abandoned places - so when DG is abandoned, and being reclaimed by nature, and isn't a nuclear test site or a target for bombing practice, I'll visit.

YEARS:  only in my mind
NAME = Sarah
MY QUEST = A perfect world
VT of a SWALLOW = Well the laden swallow will achieve a higher terminal velocity if using gravity to its advantage.
NATIONALITY = Irish American
SERVICE = Marine brat
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Want to Drink A Lot, Cheap

"Alan Simmons" <>
Date:  07 Dec 2005, 11:29:45 AM
Subject:  What an extraordinary site
What an extraordinary site
Mr. Morris,
     I have been entertained at my computer by your wonderful site about Diego Garcia.  As a former navy veteran, I rejected duty station orders at Diego Garcia to take duty in Washington D.C. during the 80's.  Boy do I regret it.  Looks like you had a lot of fun and camaraderie.
     Any other sites about Diego Garcia, let me know about.  It's just a lot of fun with man different angles and viewpoints.   Ah, if only I had taken that one year tour in the 80's.   Did VF-102 (Fighter Squadron One Hundred Two) ever show up at Diego Garcia?
Thanks for the entertainment.
Alan Simmons
Date:  27 Dec 2005, 08:08:16 PM
Subject:  re: paradise lost
    I'm sold. Can a retired military fellow (Army) get a space a seat to DG?  I'm also civilian retired with time to travel.  I would love to visit the place and take in the ham station if it's still on the air.  Would like to use space a to get there and back and don't care how long it will take using that system which according to the news is going down the tubes in the Pacific rim.  Gotta use it or miss it I guess.
Thank you
Bob Miller, KE6F

Wasn't.  But one can dream, or thank the lord it hasn't happened.
NAME = Bobbaloo
MY QUEST = Tagging all the desert queens in Iraq
VT of a SWALLOW = What is a quiche?
NATIONALITY = South Carolinian, and probably a little American?
SERVICE = Air Farce
UNIT = Sadly, Ali Air Base in Iraq
RANK/RATE/JOB = Active duty - (AKA stuck)
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Interested World Citizen
MY WARSTORY = I've been deployed more than I would like to admit.  I've been lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to not get the Dodge.

NAME = Danny
MY QUEST = How does a civilian get to DG?
VT of a SWALLOW = Terminal Velocity is infinate
SERVICE = Civilian
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Professional Adventurer Looking For The Ultimate Get Away
SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = I am a Born Liar, and Want To Tell About All The Sex I Had on Dodge
MY WARSTORY = Hey guys n in hell does one get to DG for a holiday. These stories are outrageous. Im dying to visit a place like other place like it in the world. Please, tell me HOW CAN A CIVILAIN GET THERE FOR A VACATION?????? Email me a way...i beg ya!

07 Sep 2003, 03:17:44 AM
Subject:  Diego Garcia dreamer
     Have never had the privilege of visiting DG, but became very interested in the place while stationed in England with 3rd AF in South Ruislip. Was returned to U.S. and assigned to Donaldson AFB in Greenville South Carolina in 1948 and when I asked about DG I was asked "why?" and my request went into the circular file.
     Got my Weather Observor cerification from USWBRAO, my pilot weather briefer cerification, and asked about DG and was asked "why?"  Same deal - file 13.
     Would like to pack up all my cerificates and go to DG but it sounds as if they have enough meteorologists there now to take care of the place. So now I must content myself with looking from one ships' re-union to the next with the old crew of the USS Kennebec (AO36)
Roy Conklin (frmr RM3c) USAF DAFC (Ret'd)

NAME = Wrong way
     MY QUEST = To Be All I Can Be
     VT of a SWALLOW = 140 mph, unless its wings fall off, then 207mph
     E-MAIL =
     SERVICE = Army
     RANK/RATE/JOB = SP5 Separated
     MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Irritated World Citizen/Communist/Religious Extremist
     SUBJECT OF MY STORY: = Actually, I Have a Real Story To Tell
     MY WARSTORY = I have never been on DG.  I was stationed at Vint Hill Farms, VA,
     U.S. Army EMRA, and loved it.  I had some buddies there that were in the Navy.
     They had never been to DG, either.  So that's it.  I grew up in Manhattan
     Beach, CA, so I have been in the Pacific Ocean, which is connected to the
     Indian Ocean.  I now work with rockets which transmit telemetry through DG.

Christian Schmidt <>
hi ted
    i am a journalist in switzerland interessed in the matters of dg and the whole chagos archipel, so i would appreciate it if i could join the club.  thanks for the good work!
Christian Schmidt
Hardstrasse 219
CH - 8005 Zuerich
TEL ++41 1 272 63 31
Fax ++ 41 1 272 34 51

Russ said to write u here. My name is Deborah Duborah and I am the Prime Minister of Don'tera. In my country you do what u don't want to and don't what u do want to. If u are legally a citizen, u don't do  don'ts and do do dos, get it? Didn't think so. Supposed to? No!  But, what we don't do we're good at and what we do do we're good at so u get the point! Don't or do u? My e-mail address is - Hugs and kisses, Deb

Hi there my name is abner, a Filipino. I am interested to join your "society" of people living in an "unknown" country called Diego Garcia. I begun to wonder where the hell is this country located. i am not that stupid but, really, i only came to know about it when i arrived here in Saudi Arabia, of which my only medium of reacreation is watching TV. Then came war in the middle east, that my TV's "only" channel is CNN, and i've learned that most of the bombers that went there are from Diego Garcia. To make it short i started to study about DG through the internet, and as a former army personnel and now overseas worker, i know what it likes to be away from home and family.  And those who live in DG? Well, I SALUTE YOU GUYS! Long live the Diego Garcians!!!

Sara Boothman <>  After reading your website, I almost regret giving up the chance of
being stationed there when I was a Radioman in the Navy!  Sounds like fun!  Enjoy!

haven't been yet, my friend Therese is doing a 7 mo. stint there
NAME = jeanna
MY QUEST = hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
VT of a SWALLOW = unladen european?
NATIONALITY = us; SERVICE = navy seabee; UNIT = nmcb-3; RANK/RATE/JOB = ea3
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Professional Spy
MY WARSTORY = i have no war stories from the rock, i'm waiting for therese and brad to come back and moan about the lack of space, tattoo shops and good beer wondering if i would have like it there (i'm on det san diego, i know, poor me)

NAME = Viet Vet in Phnom Penh
MY QUEST = Info on DG
VT of a SWALLOW = African or European? (See, I know that one...)
E-MAIL = pending
NATIONALITY = US/UK dual citizen
SERVICE = Formerly US Army SigC, 1966-69, Private to 1LT, Vietnam service 68-69
UNIT = Not applicable; MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Interested World Citizen
Just a note of congrats.  Have always been curious about DG.  This site answered all my questions and then some...Thanks for keeping it up!<p>BTW, do you know the difference between a fairy tale and a war story?<p>A fairy tale begins, "Once upon a time..."<p>A war story begins, "Now this is no shit...

What is Your Quest?  To live long enough so my husband and I can celebrate our 20th together.
What is the Terminal Velocity of a Swallow?  Zero -- dead
Were you ever on Diego Garcia?  No, but I'd like to for a short time I work for the ship operating company of one of the ships stationed on Diego Garcia. It's exciting to see a fun site and sooooo much information on it to show our sailors before they head out to DG.  It's the best site I have ever seen. Still haven't nagigated through it all but then I only found it last week.

What is Your Quest?  To retire, hold grandkids on my knee and travel
Were you ever on Diego Garcia?  No, but have a son there now in the Navy
I am a social worker. Work in the hospital in Hospice and Cancer Treatment.  Very rewarding. My son now at DG is #4 of seven sons. I love your sunsets, of DG. They are beautiful. Thanks. Helps me feel closer to him.  I am grateful for people like you who put things on the internet for mom's like me who miss their kids who are in the service.

Were you ever on Diego Garcia?  NOT YET

What is the Terminal Velocity of a Swallow?  AFRICAN OR EUROPEAN?
Were you ever on Diego Garcia?  UNFORTUNATELY
An unfortunate sailor twice cursed to visit the beautiful isle of Diego Garcia.  Once as a single seaman and now as a married PO1. Let us see if it can still be as much fun.

What is Your Quest?  Eat pizza and slay dragons
What is the Terminal Velocity of a Swallow?  Everclear or Tequila???
Were you ever on Diego Garcia?  nope...midway..& wake
US Army Retired ('82) Chief Engineer of a TV station in Denver, Colorado. Old war horse 50+ body 25 yeear old mind.  How high do you guys have to stand at high tide??????

What is Your Quest?  escape reality forever
What is the Terminal Velocity of a Swallow?  African or European?
Submitted jass req for it apr00.  CTT2 looking for the next great party place after thailand and bali....heard its dg!! Please email me what its like..I'll buy you several beers... just hoping i end up in dg soon tired of san diego.

What is Your Quest? never to go back to DG
Were you ever on Diego Garcia?  yep jan-jun

Were you ever on Diego Garcia?  yes
Tell Me All About Yourself:  Postal clerk, now playing G.I.Jane with the sea-bees! Spent 377 days on d.g,  had a blast, miss it a bit!

What is Your Quest?  Nearest Location to fly to before mac flight
Were you ever on Diego Garcia?  No, my husband just left today to go there.
Tell Me All About Yourself:  I'm a navy wife with 2 children and today my husband was sent to Diego for a 1 yr. term. I'm looking for maps and nearest locations to fly to such as Australia or Japan which he can mac flight to on a week trip. Places to stay cheep and so on.

Subject:         9000 miles from somewhere
Date:             Sun, 16 Jan 2005 13:12:17 -0500
From:            "Ken Little" <>
So now Im a club member.
Never been there just have this idea that if there was one last place on earth I need to go before I die, it would probably be Diego Garcia
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