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The REAL Ministry of Propaganda Presents:

During OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM, the B-1 and B-52 bombers
from Diego Garcia didn't just drop bombs...
Here's a collection of leaflets they dropped in between bomb runs.
(Remember, these are read from right to left)

Many thanks to Doug Jackson and Beckie Holloway for getting these scanned for me, and to Brendan Olson for doing the scanning...

Al Qaeda Bad Guys - Before
Before....After? (we can only hope)
Al Qaeda Bad Guys - After

We Will Feed You, and it Will be Good Food!
HDR Food Packet Drop from C-17

How to eat the HDR food
Yellow Packet - Good to Eat
Yellow Package GOOD!

Yellow Cylinder - BAD!
Yellow Cylinder - Kill You
Food from the USA

Together We Can Build A New Afghanistan!
Helping to rebuild side 1

Helping to rebuild

We Can Do Better Than This.
The alternative is
          these atrocities by the Taliban
We Are All Buddies...

We come in peace

 We Are All Just One Happy Family!  The USA Celebrates All Religions, Including Islam.
Happy World Side 1

Happy world Side 2

But We Take Exception to the Extremes of Sharia Law:
Beating women with clubs in front
          of kids

Osama will be responsible for all the deaths!
Osama sitting on a pile of

Death is amongst you.
another announcement in Arabic

Osama and the Arabs are just USING YOU!
Osama the chess masterOsama has the Afghans on a short

Just a head's-up - the US Army is on it's way...
announcment in Arabic

Telling you that the U.S. Army
          is on the way...

 We're coming, and you are the target...
You are the target
If the tanks don't get you, the F-16s will!
We're coming to your cave!
We're going to bomb your caves!

If You Stand And Fight, You'll Burn.
We're coming with flame throwers

AC-130 Gunships hit every

When the MOABs Fall, You're Fucked!
Daisy Cutter on the way

Daisy Cutter destroys

Make sure you close the door to the cave, or someone will close it for you!
In a cave watching the bomb drop

Trapped in a cave after the bomb

We'll Pay You For Mullah Omar.
Mullah Omar Wanted Poster
And For Osama.
Bounty on Osama
No wonder it took so long to find him -
I only count 18 $20 bills in these pictures...even I would want more.

Listen to your Radio!
Listen to your radio side 1

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