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Dodge had an END waiting for each of us!
     When you got down to 99 days left before your DEROS (Date Estimated Return from Over Seas), many people kept a "Double Digit Midgit" Calendar.  These calendars were really popular during Viet Nam, and usually were a single piece of paper on which was printed a pair of combat boots sticking out from under a helmet- a "midgit" all screwed down tight to make it through those last 99 days.  The midgit was divided up like a jigsaw puzzle, with each piece being numbered from 99 down to 1.  The "Double Digit" in the name came from having less than 100 days to go in country (100 being the last triple digit day).  These calendars were still real popular when I was stationed in Korea in 1983-1984.

     To use a DDM Calendar, you were to color in #99 when you had 99 days left in country, #98 the next day, and so on until you were down to just one, and the next day you got on the Freedom Bird and left for the world.
     Now, the problem with Diego Garcia was that nobody was shooting at you, nor were they likely to (if war came to DG, we figured it would be by ICBM) and the little helmeted warrior didn't have much relevance. HOWEVER, since there were so few women on the island, going home to one's wife or girlfriend took on special importance (for the heterosexuals that is - I'm not sure what the rest used for DDM Calendars - nor do I really want to know).  Hence, the DG special DDM Calendar was in wide-spread use, and you can download your very own copy if you link by clicking here for the XXX-rated version, or here instead for an R rated version.

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