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The PPDRDG Ministry of Historical Perspectives Presents:
Patches and Logos of the Participants Through
the Ages...

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The USS GRAHAM COUNTY carried the very first
SEABEEs to Diego Garcia:
                March 1971

Patch of ACTU-4, 1971

The Very First Operational outfit were these guys, predecessors to the NCTS.
                NAVCOMSTA Diego Garcia Patch - the donkey looked too
                much like a dog - 19712nd
                NAVCOMSTA Diego Garcia Patch - 1972

Here are a couple versions of the first NAVCOMMSTA Patch after it got commissioned in 1971

NMCB-74, 1979

Patches from NMCBs 74 and 71 who were there building the base in the 1970s.

Patch of the Royal Naval
                Party 1002, Diego Garcia, 1973

Of course, the Brits were there almost from the beginning.  Here's one of their patches from 1973.

Can anyone shed some light on what this outfit was?

Robert Donnelly provided this patch from 79-80, when he was on island for the Iranian Hostage Rescue mission.

Logo - Naval Air Facility, Diego
                Garcia, 1984 - 1987

The Navy designated the airfield as a Naval Air Facility for a couple of years in the 1980s, and this was their logo.
Patch - 374th Tactical
                  Airlift Wing - 1987 In 1983, the Air Force established a Detachment to support the Military Airlift Command (now called Air Mobility Command) operations.  The parent Command was the C-130 Wing at Clark Air Base in the Philippines.

(The webmaster happened to be the Commander of that Detachment from 1987-1988)
Patch - 8th Military Airlift Squadron - C-141s -
                1979Patch - 4th Military
                Airlift Squadron - C-141s - 1984

Patches of some of the MAC squadrons that flew into Diego.  The one of the donkey that's been shot in the ass and is shitting parachutes is from the 8th MAS from McChord.

(The webmaster happened to be in both these squadrons and flew into DG between 1979 and 1987)
VQ-1 Det, Diego Garcia Patch

VQ-1 flew P-3s and was seemed to ALWAYS have a detachement on the island in the 1970s and 1980s.
Military Sealift Command
                Unit Diego Garcia Patch - 1988

Military Sealift Command had a shore based "Unit" to support all the pre-positioned ships in the lagoon.

You can never leave Diego
                Garcia - 1987

If you were on "Legal Hold" your had been busted for dope and destined for a brig somewhere!
NAVCOMSTA Diego Garica

In the early days, the Brits also operated out of the NAVCOMSTA.


4300 Provisional Bomb Wing
                1991 - Desert Storm4300 Provisional Bomb Wing
                1991 - B-52s in Desert Storm4300 Provisional Bomb
                Wing 1991 - NO B-1s When the USAF would deploy for combat, they created "Provisional Wings".  The 4300 Provisional Bomb Wing was there for OPERATION DESERT STORM.

Many thanks to Matt Russ for the HS-75 Det patch!

And to Farrell for the Tanker Patch.

I know there are lots more stories and patches out there from DESERT STORM, so don't be bashful, send them in!
BIOT Royal Police Officer
                  Shoulder Patch 1992 - click for larger version

The Queen granted this flag to the BIOT Commissioner in 1990, in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Territory.

P-3 Det Diego Garcia Patch 19972nd Air Expeditionary
                Group 1998 - Desert Fox
These are patches from the 1998 B-52/KC-10 deployment for OPERATION DESERT FOX.  USAF switched from "Provisional" to "Expeditionary" units in the late 1990s.

Naval Support Facility Diego
                Garcia - generic patch since the 1980s
GPS PatchVRC-50 Logo, Diego Garcia

2001 - 2006
28th Air Expeditionary
                Wing 200140th Air Expeditionary
                Wing - Operation Iraqi Freedom

The 28th was on DG from September 2001, followed by the 40th around January 2002.

28th Expeditionary Air
                Refueling Squadron 1991

This was the initial KC-135R Tanker patch for OEF.

11th Bomb Squadron 2001Enduring Freedom - 200140th Expeditionary Bomb
                  Squadron, Diego Garcia, 200334th
                  Expeditionary Bomb Squadron 200134th Bomb Squadron -
                  B-1s from Mountain Home AFB - Enduring Freedom34th Bomb Squadron
                  (B-1s) 2001

                  Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, Diego Gacia, 200520th
                  Bomb Squadron 2001

325th Bomb
                  Squadron, Diego Garcia - B-2s - 2003393rd Expeditionary
                  Bomb Squadron - Diego Garcia - B-2s - 200340th Expeditionary Bomb

Various Bomber Patches for OPERATIONS ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM, 2001-2006
VFA-192 Patch, Diego
                Garcia, Enduring Freedom

Strike Fighter Squadron 192 provided initial air security for DG in 2001 to protect the bombers and ships in the lagoon.

It says 40th EMEDS - That was the USAF Clinic.
                Thanks to LtCol Tom Duquette for this image!

This is the 40th Expeditionary Medical Squadron, which operated a hospital on Diego Garcia during OEF/OIF.

Royal Australian
                  Air Force Squadron 77, Diego Garica - 2003Royal Australian Air
                  Force Squadron 3 - Diego Garcia - 2003

These are 3 and 77 Squadrons, RAAF, which operated FA-18s from DG during OEF.

Here are the Patches for GEODSS in 2008 (courtesy Rebecca Greinier)

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