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The PPDRDG Ministry of Intelligence Evaluation Presents:
The Diego Garcia Test Series

So, you think you know all about Diego Garcia? Take this quiz and find out!

Kindergarten Level:
Choose the Most Correct Answer!

1. Finish this sentence: Diego Garcia is...
  • ...a Colonel in the Bolivian Coast Guard.
  • ...the Comet that killed all the dinosaurs.
  • ...the world's largest continuous atoll.
2. The British have ruled Diego Garcia since...
  • ...The Treaty of Paris in 1814
  • ...Capturing it from the Nazi Space Aliens in World War II
  • ...Christ was a Corporal
3. Who discovered Diego Garcia?
  • Zheng He, the Chinese eunuch Admiral (aren't they all?)
  • Marco Polo
  • No one knows for sure
4. What is the name of the island group of which Diego Garcia is a part?
  • The Falkland Islands
  • The Florida Keys
  • The Chagos Archipelago
5. What were the agricultural products of the Plantations on Diego Garcia?
  • Pine Trees and Sea Cucumbers
  • Coconuts and Coconut Oil
  • Jackasses, Chickenshit, and Ganja
6. The German Cruiser "EMDEN" made a port call at Diego Garcia in...
  • ...2002, to deliver the hydrogen bombs used in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom
  • ...1946, to pick up the Nazi Space Aliens and take them to the secret base in Antarctica
  • ...1914, to refit between cruises of commerce raiding during WWI
7. Which USAF Bombers used Diego Garcia during Operation Enduring Freedom?
  • B-17s and B24s only
  • B-17s, B-24s, and B-29s
  • Master of Disaster, The Spirit of America, and Memphis Belle IV
8. Which US Navy Battleships have visited Diego Garcia?
  • The 'Mighty Mo' and 'The Big Stick'
9. What is the official name of the civilian telephone company on the island?
  • Ma Bell and her Baby Bells
  • Cable and Wireless
  • The Pay and Pay and Pay and Pay and Pay and Pay and Pay Phone Company
10. What group built Alpha Wharf?
  • 10,000 Chimpanzees Banging on Bongo Drums
  • RBRM, which was really Brown and Root in disguise
  • The Aztecs

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