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The Lost Ships
of Diego Garcia!
Har Har, Maties!
Yo ho ho and a Bottle of Rum!
Tis' the gallery of The Lost Ships of
Tuna Hunter Lagoon!

Graveyard of Lost Ships, Diego
          Garcia Lagoon - 1988
Captured by the Brave Lads of the People's Democratic Republic
Privateer Fleet!  Some Held for Ransom!  Others Plundered and Sunk!
Captured once again in photos for your pleasure, gentle reader!
Most of these are thumbnails and you can see a more detailed version if you'll just click!

The 1982 Piratical Season Prizes
HMS Alacrity and HMNZS Waikato
Her Majesty's New Zealand Ship WAIKATO
The Marine Vessel GRAY ROVER
and Her Majesty's Ship ALACRITY
Ships in Diego Garcia Lagoon,
Held for Ransom in the Lagoon, with other prizes!
HMNZS Waikato, Diego Garcia 1982
Lesser Vessels of Various Nations Captured and Ravished!
Norse and Norse American and Snail Eaters!
Diego Garcia Lagoon, 1982
Norwegian Yacht, Diego Garcia
          Lagoon, 1987U.S.
          Yachties Invade Diego Garcia

Update October 2002:  Robert E. Guttman" <> 
     The LASH ship in the photo between the group of sailboats and the Union Jack is unquestionably the SS Austral Rainbow.  She carried barges loaded 
with ammunition for the Air Force, as well as a pair of tug boats to help maneuvver them.  They were loaded  and discharged from the stern by means 
of an enormous gantry crane, which could hoist 480 tons.  I spent four months as her third mate in 1992. 
     Actually, I joined the Austral Rainbow in Thailand, where we spent the following two months loading ammo before sailing to Diego via Singapore. 
The military were in charge of loading the cargo into our barges, and it took a rediculous amount of time for them to do it.  Of course, we merchant seamen weren't exactly complaining, because we were having a ball in Thailand.  When they finally finished loading the barges, Swabbies and Air Farce actually had the nerve to present each other with commendations for doing such an efficient job!  For our part, we seamen could only laugh at them behind their backs, because we all know that, in commercial service, LASH ships like the Austral Rainbow seldom even spend more than a single day in port.


1988 Was Such a Busy Year!
In fact, so busy, we've forgotten the names of most of the prizes.
If you know them, please send them to Me.

Harbor Ops, Diego Garcia 1988
Pirate Vessels Ready for Duty at Gray Line Harbor Tours!

These are the Greens.  The Ship in the Background is the SS Trojan,
which was full of bombs, hopefully eventually put to good use over Afghanistan!

The Pier at Diego Garcia - 1987-1988

Here's the USS Guadalcanal in 1987:
USS Guadalcanal, Diego Garcia, 1987

Below:  Ships as seen from the R & R Center near the Plantation.
Ships in the Diego Garcia Lagoon
          - seen from the R&R Center

The Ship left below is the USS Jason, which tied up for a couple months in 1987.
USS Jason, Diego Garcia, 1988
Tanker leaves lagoon, Diego Garcia,
Harbor Tug Boats, Diego Garcia, 1988
Harbor Ops Tug Boats.

SS Leticia Lykes, Diego Garcia
          Lagoon, 1988
The Ship above right is the Leticia Lykes

COMSRON 2 Ships, Diego Garcia Lagoon,
More COMSRON 2 Ships
MV American Cormorant, Diego Garcia
MV American Cormorant:  This ship was the "hermaphrodite" - a super tanker cut down and loaded with a floating causeway. 
She'd steam up to the shore, flood the tanks, partially submerge, and the dock would float free, be run out to the beach,
and the ROROs would come up and discharge their vehicles directly from offshore to on the beach. 
2002 - I've heard she's finally left DG after a couple decades of service.

  Did you take photos of your ship, or any ship for that matter, there at DG?
If you did, send it to me and I'll put it on this page.

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