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Here's "P.S. On Diego Garcia (Things Are Movin' Real Slow)"
By Ken Alsip, Class of '87
Please respect Ken's copyright, o.k.?

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Ken Alsip -
            Diego Garcia 1987

C                              C7                    F
Last night we made love on the balcony, dear, of an apartment (that ain’t rented yet)
     G                                                    F                        C
Last night it seems we spent all day making dreams; was it last week, oh hell, I forget
F                                                        C                     F
Give my regards to the neighbors if you please and stay away from my old buddy Joe
   C             G                          C
P. S. On Diego Garcia things are movin’ real slow.

          F                                                       C
      Something ‘bout the moon as it shines through the co-co nut trees,
              G                       F                         C
      Reminds me of the night we made love and got sores on our knees.
        F                                                           C      G
      I think of your sweet lips when the tropical breeze starts to blow.
         C              G                           C
      P. S. On Diego Garcia, things are movin’ real slow.

Yesterday I went for a walk on the beach; got burned by the equator sun.
I wrote you a letter accusing you of doin’ all the horrible things that you done (but I burned it).
I threw it away because I love you so.
P. S. On Diego Garcia things are movin’ real slow.


I remember the night I got drunk in my room and stayed up ‘till a quarter ‘till four.
I swear I was goin’ to write you again, but I couldn’t get off of the floor.
Haven’t figured my checkbook for ninety some days, now I know.
P. S. On Diego Garcia things are movin’ real slow.


Nov 1991 - Nov 1992
NAME = Bill Crowe
MY QUEST = To wallow in wonderful memories of the best times of my life
VT of a SWALLOW = 42
E-MAIL = seabilly@gmail.com
UNIT = Comms
RANK/RATE/JOB = RMCS - Now retired
MY INTEREST IN DG IS = Stroll Down Memory Lane
MY WARSTORY = I was stationed there from November 1991 to November 1992.  I still have a hard time believing it was a full year, although my tan would indicate otherwise.  Looking to make contact with anyone, especially those that hung out at Tower's Tavern.  I have now pretty much lost contact with everyone from that time, but did finally manage to track/google down Dale Tower a couple months ago.
     If anyone has any pictures to share from 1992 I would also love to see them.  I seem to remember thinking about taking pictures but would always say something like, "I'm going to take some pictures as soon as I finish this last beer".
     After talking with Dale, I was finally able to digitize an old cassette copy of Tower's Tavern and Footprint of Freedom.  The quality isn't the best and if you never hung out at Tower's Tavern you will probably not relate to the song, but it is up on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/seabilly.  I'm still trying to talk Dale into putting up Footprint of Freedom, but we shall see :)
     Anyway, thanks for the memories.

new 18 Feb 08!  Johnny B's Music.  John Bridiane, a Chagossian who worked on Diego Garcia in the late 1990s has an cut a couple albums!  He's got a My Space page, and although it takes a while to download, it's worth hearing, and you should buy it!  Meanwhile:

Listen to John's song
"Copra Dancers"
Right Here!

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