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Yes, our wonderful Peoples' DEMREP has the perfect weather for the world's most popular water sport!  And somewhere on the island, the wild cry of "Surf's Up!" can be heard 24-hours a day...  Sadly, the occupying powers don't permit surfing ocean-side, and although wind surfing is popular in the lagoon, somehow, it's just not the same as Bruce Brown's favorite sport.  Of course, the outside is off limits for good reason - sharks, reefs, undertows (men have died defying the rules).  But there's always a rebel or two floating around waiting for the perfect wave, and where would America be without one or two of these defiant ones pushing the envelope once in a while?

Were you one of these foolish scoff-laws?  If you were, we bet you rode bicycles without a helmet too (another illegal activity on our favorite, safe, island)!  At any rate, send your story of Surfing Diego Garcia, and send a picture if you've got it!

Here's ABHAN Daniel Vaughan, from Virginia, a long-boarder in 1972... with a board he made himself on the island!  Shaka Bra'!

By the way, the best regular surf is due west of the threshold of Runway 31, and they don't patrol that beach very much... Lots of long tubes.



Special Report from Mike Kew, Journalist of Surfing!
From Surfer Magazine, 1981...
Mike Perry's Story of Tom Cress - UCDG, dude, 1975
By the way, Mike wants your surfing stories for a story he's working on!
Contact him at

From the Surf's Up Ministry, December 2004

Subject:     You never know what you got till it's gone!!!
Date:         Tue, 28 Dec 2004 18:21:13 -0600
From:        "Scott Brown" <>
What happen to the rock ? Tidal waves had to have hit it. I wish I could have been there!!!
ABH3 Brown    Crash Crew  80-81

There is a supposed article in Surfer Magazine on Line at

It CLAIMS to contain photos of Diego Garcia surfing in 2006, but the island where they filmed has NATIVES, VILLIAGES, etc., and can't possibly be in the Chagos.

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