"The Cleanest and Greenest City in the Philippines!"

Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named Ted...
A Jeepny Limo!!!

This is probably more my style!

The Main Drag looking East

The Main Drag looking West

One of the main side streets (leads back to hotel).  I really like "Footluckers".

An old house down near the Cathedral.  Certainly there when Uncle Ted (probably) visited!

I call this one "Pirates' Cove"

"Pirate Barcos"

The Plaza Cuartel - once a Spanish fort (from the 1700s).  Sadly a notorious camp for US POWs in WWII.

I wonder if Pacheco ever made it back to "Denning" - certainly Demming.

Like Charlie my friend says, "If this was Vietnam, we'd be dead!"  VC kids!  The Cathedral is in the background.  I'd tell them to stand by the wall so I could take their picture, and they would start sneaking forward as soon as I got the camera to my eye, and finally rush at me - just to be in the front of the picture!

Another shot of the Cathedral

Choir Practice?

The City Library

The Provencial Museum

Priceless Artifacts from the 1600s, for you to touch!

Typical Street Corner

A typical bar on a typical street.  Leave your guns at the door!

A smaller side street by the hospital - Pharmacy Row!

A Real Drug Store - Get Your Chain Saw Sharpened While You Wait!

The City Hospital

A City Bus - How's My Driving?

View From A Trike

 Me and my drivers and Construction Engineer
Johnny, Art, me, Zaldi

Our Beach Party

Ooops, you weren't supposed to see this one!

Typical Houses

A Commissary

AAFES Concessionaires!

A Typical Residential Street!

Every family has it's own livestock too!

Taxiis at the Airport.  Just 7 passengers each, please!

I guess baggy pants are in everywhere!

A Plumeria Blossom at our Beach.

Life Does Not Suck...

More to come.