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  The Daystar Multi-Tracers
Multi-Tracer Photos

Daystar Multi-Tracers offer a complete solution for testing PV modules. These units are designed to operate and monitor up to 16 PV modules for long-term testing. Modules are individually controlled and operated at their peak power during daylight hours. IV curves may be taken at selected intervals. The total power of the connected modules determines the size of the Multi-Tracer required. We offer 2400 Watt and 3200 Watt Multi-Tracers, each of which may be expanded by adding up to three more load units. Contact Daystar or call (575-522-4943) to discuss your requirements and/or receive a quote. Delivery will be 10 - 12 weeks after receipt of an order. Because Daystar Multi-Tracers are built to customer-specified configurations, we require 40% down payment.

Daystar Multi-Tracers are used by National Laboratories and major PV companies in several countries. More reasons to buy Daystar Multi-Tracers (a .pdf file) here.

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