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The Multi-Tracer is an integrated measurement system for testing multiple photovoltaic modules under natural or simulated sunlight. The Multi-Tracer has separate and isolated inputs for up to 16 PV modules. The operating voltage of each module is measured using a '4-wire' connection. The Multi-Tracers can operate PV modules at voltages from slightly greater than zero Volts to their open circuit, Voc, value. The Multi-Tracer controls the module voltage to a resolution of approximately 1/30,000 of the maximum voltage for that input channel. The Multi-Tracer will 'peak power track' any attached PV module to within 0.2% of the maximum power.

At user-defined intervals, the Multi-Tracer will sweep an I-V curve for each module connected. Because of wiring and other load resistance, the Multi-Tracer cannot adjust the load to zero volts and measure a 'true' short circuit current. Resistance of connecting wires from the PV mudules to the Multi-Tracer is the main source of resistance so both wire size and length are factors to consider when locating the Multi-Tracer in the test area. The Multi-Tracer is connected using Ethernet and common browser software may be used to setup the unit and access data files.

Each Multi-Tracer system includes a control module plus up to 4 load units. Each load unit will be rated at 2400 Watts or 3200 Watts. You can mix load units with a single control unit so if you require testing 5600 Watts, you can specify a DS-3200 Multi-Tracer and add a 2400 Watt load unit. Contact Daystar for options and pricing.

Typical specifications for Daystar Multi-Tracers
  Daystar Multi-Tracers
# Channels up to 16
Module Control Peak Power Tracking or Fixed Voltage
Time for IV Curve ~2 seconds per module
Analog Voltage Inputs 8
Thermocouples 24 (more may be ordered)
Operating Temperature 0 - 50°C
Operating Voltage (Vac) 110-250; 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions (cm) 61 x 44.5 x depth varies with model
Weight (kg) 23 - 45 depending on model
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