While all data are identified by channel ID values, use this description field to add a meaningful description of this data source.

Converted & Volts

These two values combine to create the scaling constant for this data channel.

The Multi-Tracer system multiplies the Aux Input voltage measurement by the conversion defined by these two values.

For example, if Aux Input channel 1, had a pyranometer connected that has a conversion constant of 1000 W/^2 at 9.85 mV, enter the following values.

Converted  = 1000

Volts = 9.85E-3  or 0.00985

The system records this converted value (Vcon). This value derives from the measured value (Vm) and the above conversion constants using the following equation:

Vcon = Vm * Converted/Volts

For example, if the measured voltage were 8.394 mV, the conversion constants would return the following converted value:

Vcon = 8.394E-3 * 1000 / 9.85E-3 = 852.1

Note. The Multi-Tracer system does not enforce any form of units on this conversion.

If no scaling is required, enter values of 1.0 for both values. Or, for example, if you wanted to record mV instead of volts, enter 1000 for the converted value and 1.0 for the Volts. These values multiply the measurement by 1000 (converting from volts to mV).