Module Channel

Selects which module channel settings are displayed.


Text description to aid in identifying module channel data with MTD and IV curves data files.

System, & Site

Additional text fields record with IV curve data files.


Load Mode

Defines the operating mode for the channel's load.

Note: This can be overridden with Global Load Control settings (see Global Settings).


Enable Auto IV Curves

When checked, this enables automatic IV curves on this channel (see Curve Settings).


Integration Period

Specifies the amount of time to integrate a single module voltage and current sample.

 Longer time periods will reduce random noise, but will increase the time to sample.

Longer sampling times will have a significant impact on the time it takes to sweep an IV curve. The default value of 100 uS is recommended.


Aperture Total Areas

These are areas defined by the module size and are used to compute module efficiency.

Associated Temperatures, Aux Inputs, & Irradiances

These sections associated specific inputs with this module channel. These association determine which of these signals are recorded with IV curves of this module.

* The irradiances associations specifically relate Aux Inputs to irradiance values. Any Aux Inputs used for irradiance measurements should be added here. Any other Aux Inputs that do not represent irradiance values should be entered in the Associated Aux Inputs.

Note: These associations have no effect on MTD data.


Advanced Power Tracking

These values tune the power tracking algorithm.