Global Load Mode

Use Global Load Mode to define how all Multi-Tracer system loads behave.

All Loads Off   ---- Sets all modules to open circuit (no load) regardless of individual module channel settings.

All Peak Power  --- Forces all channels to peak power track. While peak-power tracking, the Multi-Tracer continuously searches for the operating voltage that produces the maximum output power from the module. Peak power tracking is the most commonly use load mode.

All Fixed Voltage  --- Sets all modules to operate at at a fixed voltage. The voltage is set for each module channel individually (see Module Channel Settings).

Channel Defined --- Each module will operate as defined by that module's channel settings (see Module Channel Settings).

Global IV Curve Mode

Use Global IV Curve Mode to define how the Multi-Tracer system takes automatic IV curves.

None  ---- The system will not automatically take IV curves regardless of other settings.

All Channels --- Enables all module channels for automatic IV curves regardless of other settings.

Channel Defined  --- Automatic IV curves will be taken as defined by the individual module channel settings (see Module Channel Settings).

Note: IV curves may be takening manually at any time (see IV Curve Data). These global settings only affect automatic IV curves.

Global Load Mode All Loads Off
All Peak Power
All Fixed Voltage
Channel Defined
Global IV Curve Mode None
All Channels
Channel Defined