General Information

While the Multi-Tracer system is self-contained, it is still necessary to interact with it to set operating parameters and to extract data.

All interaction is done via a network interface using common browser applications. For example Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Therefore the Multi-Tracer must be connected to a local area network (LAN).

While the Multi-Tracer may be integrated into a large network, the network could consist of the Multi-Tracer and a single personal computer.

There is no restriction on the operating system of the computer used. However, the Multi-Tracer system will work best with modern browsers and was specifically designed to support Firefox and Internet Explorer.

IP Address

Every device on a LAN must have a unique network address, its IP address. The Multi-Tracer system requires a static IP address.

Note: This is a LAN (local area) address not a WAN (wide area) address. So while it must be unique within the LAN, it does not have to be a unique world wide, internet address.

Consult your network administrator of your LAN  for this IP address.

Subnet Mask

The subnet mask is a necessary value for proper operation of a device on a network. A common value is:

Consult your network administrator of your LAN  for the correct setting.