IV Curves

The IV Curves table displays key data from the most recent IV curves of each module channel.

IV curves may be taken automatically when enabled individually or globally (see Module Channel Settings and Global Settings).

Note: Additional settings determine under what conditions IV curves are taken automatically (see IV Curve Settings).


Take Selected Curves

Pressing the "Take Selected Curves" button immediately begins taking IV curves of the selected modules. Modules are select when the associated check box is checked.

Note: The system will take IV curves of all selected channels regardless of any other settings that may affect automatically taking IV curves.


Take All Curves

Pressing the "Take All Curves" button immediately begins taking IV curves of all modules.

Additional Information

When taking IV curves, either manually or automatically, the Multi-Tracer system will attempt to take curves even if no module is connected.

This causes no harm, but may generate IV curve data files with no usable content.

Also, each IV curve takes a significant ammount of time (typically about 2 seconds). Therefore attempting to take IV curves on channels without modules, will cause unnecessary delays.