A nonprofit corporation providing
archaeological, historical, architectural, and educational services
in New Mexico, west Texas, and surrounding areas.


The Human Systems Research staff members have expertise in fields throughout New Mexico, such as

HSR's staff works closely with scholars in a wide variety of fields. Results of projects are published in reports, articles, and books for sale to the public.

HSR's staff is trained in a variety of related subjects and can offer training sessions, workshop leaders, or speakers in such areas as

A summary of current projects is available.

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HSR is a private, nonprofit corporation dedicated to the pursuit of basic research in archaeology, anthropology, and related fields of science, history, architecture, and the humanities. Umbrellas for conducting basic research include cultural-resources management, historic preservation, oral history, and environmental conservation. The geographic focus of research is the American Southwest, with the central focus being the Tularosa Basin in south-central New Mexico.

The goals of the corporation include stewardship and preservation of related resources and public education as a method for preserving and protecting limited cultural resources through increased public appreciation.

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Other Resources

Some links to resources that may be of interest:

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Contact Information

Las Cruces Facility
Tularosa Facility

Staff: Dr. Deborah M. Dennis, Executive Director
Dr. David T. Kirkpatrick, Associate Director
Karl W. Laumbach, Associate Director
Staff: Ms. Helen B. Shields, Comptroller
Mailing Address: P.O. Drawer 728
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88004-0728
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1225
Tularosa, New Mexico 88352-1225
Phone: (505) 524-9456 Phone: (505) 585-2858
Fax: (505) 526-6144 Fax: (505) 585-2900
Email: hsrinc@zianet.com Email: hsradmin@zianet.com


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