Project Updates

Human Systems Research, Inc. (HSR), and White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) are involved in a series of projects that might be of interest to the public. Through the DoD Legacy Resource Management Program and in-house programs, WSMR has developed multidimensional projects to document the historic cultural resources on the range. These projects range from late 1880s ranches and mines to recent Cold War facilities. Several of these projects involve popular histories and teacher kits for classroom use.

Oral History Projects

The general oral history of the range was published approximately 2 years ago. More recently,

Ranches and Mines

Oral-history studies were the first steps for several ranches. There are over 200 ranching, mining, and other premilitary buildings on WSMR that are over 50 years old; some are almost 100 years old. These have been documented on a more extended schedule. In the third phase of this project, over 75 known sites are being located, mapped, documented, and photographed. Standing buildings and structures were evaluated for their integrity-preservation needs. Integrity work on the buildings is covered by the range-wide integrity-preservation plan approved by the New Mexico State Historic Preservation Office.

Cold War

The most important role of WSMR through the last 50 years has been missile testing and the development of antimissile instrumentation.

Trinity Project

The Trinity Site National Historic Landmark is a complex of prehistoric, historic, and Trinity-era properties and surrounding landscape that document the first atomic explosion. The property is open for visitation to Ground Zero and the McDonald Brothers Ranch twice a year. Current work on historic ranches and Trinity-era remains includes

World War II Dump

Recent excavation and artifact analysis on an early military dump (one of the first from WSMR, dating to 1945-1946) led to a series of archaeological investigations. Artifacts from this excavation are on exhibit at the White Sands Missile Range Museum.

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