CHAPTER I: Overwork And Recreation—Outing And Outers—How To Do It And Why They Miss It

CHAPTER II: Knapsack, Hatchet, Knives, Tinware, Fishing Tackle, Rods, Ditty-bag

CHAPTER III: Getting Lost—Camping Out—Roughing It Or Smoothing It—Insects—Camps, And How To Make Them

CHAPTER IV: Campfires And Their Importance—The Wasteful Wrong Way They Are Usually Made, And The Right Way To Make Them

CHAPTER V: Fishing, With And Without Flies—Some Tackle And Lures—Discursive Remarks On The Gentle Art—The Headlight—Frogging

CHAPTER VI: Camp Cookery—How It Is Usually Done, With A Few Simple Hints On Plain Cooking—Cooking Fire And Outdoor Range

CHAPTER VII: More Hints On Cooking, With Some Simple Receipts—Bread, Potatoes, Soups, Stews, Beans, Fish, Meat, Venison

CHAPTER VIII: A Ten Days' Trip In The Wilderness—Going It Alone

CHAPTER IX: Canoeing—The Light Canoe And Double Blade—Various Canoes For Various Canoeists—Reasons For Preferring The Clinker-Built Cedar

CHAPTER X: Odds And Ends—Where To Go For An Outing—Why A Clinker?—Boughs And Browse