Mesilla Valley International Folk Dancers

           WEDNESDAYS  3 to 5 p.m.   $2
   Periodically dances are scheduled for a Sunday afternoon, in which case there is no  dancing on Monday.  Check with one of the contacts listed below.


  St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
   518 N. Alameda Blvd, Las Cruces NM
For more information call:  575-522-1691
  or 575-523-8413

Recreational folk dancing, request dancing.
   Newcomers and visitors always welcome.

  Click here for list of Greek dances and related youtube videos:
  Beginner Folk Dance class youtube videos
2019-04-07 Performance youtube videos for review for Festival
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   Last updated:  April 1, 2021

2016 April - Jewish Food & Folk Festival
Yvonne, Ruth, Carolyn, Corry, Jacki, Karl, Julie, Erich
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<><>                   Yvonne and Corry April 2019                 

Yvonne Esker at 90 is leading the folk dance Sestorka in El Paso, Texas
 December 2010 - pretty  amazing !

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Yvonne celebrating 99 years in December 2019

2020 January Twelfth Night Party

2018 Summer fun

Twelfth Night   2019

2017 January - Twelfth Night Celebration - Las Cruces and El Paso and friends
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2015 January - Twelfth Night Celebration with Las Cruces and El Paso and friends

2016 June

2015 January - Yvonne clowning around

          2013 April - With folk dance guests Richard and Ruth Levin Duree

                      2011 April - DACC Cultural Awareness Week
                        Erich, Norma, Carolyn, Corry, Yvonne, Julie

    2010 - Yvonne celebrates 30 years of folk dancing and 90 years birthday.

                          2007 -  Mesilla Park Recreation Center
              Corry, Erich, Frank, Jeanne,Yvonne, Ellen, Heike, Cathy

                            1997 - Renaissance Faire Performance Group
                       1991 - Renaissance Faire Performance Group